Thursday, December 27, 2012

Here comes the new year

Well, for all I can remember, we have survived the Y2K bug, the millennium world end (??), the antichrist, Jehovah's witness (??), Nuclear War prediction in 2003, Comet Elenin in 2011, my breakup in 2012, Mayan apocalypse in 2012.

What might be another hype could be the ARMAGEDDON in year 2020, when fail, have other backup world end hits, namely the Antichrist, Satan and False prophet.

A list of most if not all end of the world prophecies can also be found in WIKIPEDIA.
When you do take a look at all the prophecies, you can't help but think are they really real? Alright, lets give them the benefit of doubt, maybe someone or some clan successfully prevented it, so there is no point in making such a hype unless its to score something in mind, end of the day, it all boils back down to the Marketing gimmick.

Anyways, with 2012 really coming to an end soon, most of us are busy sourcing for some new calendars. Those who are in corporate worlds would be receiving a lot of calendar from their vendors, customers, etc. There also would be those that would love to get their hands on these unique Calendars, from Playboy bunny versions, to JAV (I only know the April girl), anime, sports, and many more.

But I was able to combine these two which is free and usable to me, I got a 2013 excel printable calendar from wincalendar and input in most of Malaysia 2013 holidays into the excel. You can also find international calendar online and merge it with your local public holidays, it only takes a little time and best of all, you can send an e-copy to your friends which I can assure you 3 out of 10 will really appreciate you for it, as in these format, they can further edit or just print it out and manually add in details later on (which is what I do)

Imageimageimageimage, image.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Deviantart

Just can't sit still with this one, this image really brings back memories, but not from the golden ages, but just from my younger days where PC was the 'in' thing.

At first glance, Star Wars fans and lovers will think its from the trilogy, but for me its Mech Warrior, an awesomely cool game, if you had a PC in the early years, and also love mecha, then you gotta know this. Also, this brings back another memory for me where I used to love the name Timberwolve, and by the time I actually got addicted to gaming, it was the era of Counter-Strike, and Timberwolve was the alias I used in training. As I got better and lazier, I decided to upgrade my nick and go to CyCloNe, shorter to type and has a better meaning behind it. Google cyclone if you don't know what it is. Anyways, end of story again, as anymore and it will be a very long post.

So feast your eyes upon the Mech Warrior that I'm talking about.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not busy, but lazy

Recent weeks has made me lazy, perhaps its the end of the world effect, or just the year end thingy, another possible reason that I could think of is that I'm getting used to being single already. Dang!! Was wishing the awesome feeling could last longer.

Anyways, since I'm too bored lazing around, decided to pay deviant art a visit and saw this cute heart warming pic, it isn't the best pic, but enough to send the idea across. Do check the site out every now and then for awesome artworks by the awesome contributors, mind you, I'm not one of them, as I am horrible in arts., image

Monday, December 10, 2012

My life begins now

I feel sad, yet happy that I am a single man now. Happy that I can do anything anytime anywhere I want, sad that I've finally noticed that my circle of friends have shrunk dramatically. Its high time to get things rolling and kick-start my life again.

It may take time, but I have a few selfish hope, well, its called my hope for a reason right.
1) Get back my confidence/charisma back
2) Get in shape again
3) Widen my network and lock down trustworthy friends.

It almost seemed like all the events that happened after the break-up was there to cheer me up. Some of the nice recent/not too long ago's memory

DiGi Year End event, over 30++ groups, with each group having 1 coach, we had police and Marshall escort from D'House (HQ) all the way to Berjaya Time Square, KL.

This pic was right after the toll

We were like Kings on the road, to add a little more flare, we were all wearing yellow.

We were handed lollipop to be given away

Arrived in front of Berjaya Time Square, and the police ordered the coach to park up to 3 lanes for drop-off, leaving only 1 lane for traffic.

The first victim of our Paint KL yellow 

After about 2 hours in Berjaya Time Square, we went back to D'House, Batu Tiga for lunch. There were so many variety, not the most delicious food, but when you are hungry and tired, its great food all around.

To kick-off the second half of the day, the Wet Wild Web, our DiGi CEO, Mr. Henrik Clausen made sure all the DMT (DiGi Management Team) got all wet and wild, also the victims are the DiGizen up front. 

One of the very sporting beauty pageant finalist took up the challenge to be dunked, lets just say we had a great time right after she settled into her wet seat. 

12 out of the 30+ teams got a beauty, DiGi invited 12 Beautiful Girls to join our event, these 12 ladies range from 2007-2011 beauty pageants, be it Universe, Malaysia, Cosmo etc etc.
We have her in our team, she is pretty alright, but out of the 12, she has the best body I think.

Among some of the activities

Our dinner came in selections of Lobster, Italian, French, Japanese, etc

The evening performance continued after the dinner, you can grab a mojito, tequila, red/white wine, or beer while  enjoying the line-up

12 Beauties then appeared twice on stage, first was to escort our DMTs, and second was the fashion walk.

Mizz Nina was among one of the performers of the night

Whats next, I of course grab the chance and hunt for the 12 beauties. 

This girl is not one of the 12, she is from Event Plus. Looking how kind and sweet she is, went up and chit-chatted for a bit, what a sweet voice she has, so lets just take a picture. 

One of the 3 MCs of the Wet Wild event

My long lost Primary school mate, not really long lost, just remember seeing her face before during my years in SRJK (C) Taman Rashna. We chatted and both acknowledged that we had a crush for each other, LOL, that was a joke la. Anyways, manage to have a small catch-up session with her a few times, funky fun girl which I gave her a nickname Cherry Tomato because of this pic. 

One final pic a a few of the remaining beauties before they left the scene to freshen up for the night.

Our MC for the night, Elaine Daily

Lets just say that I have promised another friend to meet him up for DJ Tenashar's Movida tour. So just before the DiGi event ended, I left and head for Movida, Scott Garden for DJ Tenashar.

My friends were there since 8.30pm, I got there around 10.30pm, and Tenashar got there about 11.30pm, lucky me. Even after arriving, we had to wait as they were having autograph session outside. zzzzzz. 
So after some thinking, since we have to wait for her inside, might as well use that wasted time and go Q for her autograph. 

Most people got one, we got two!! Lets take it all so the gig can get started ASAP

Another event that happened not too long ago, went undercover at our competitors event. Lets just say one of us has a friend who knows a friend who was able to get us VVIP tickets. And in the end, just like the Henessy Artistry, I ended up at the non-VIP area as it was more fun there. :)

I swear will catch up with these guys, some of my buddies for basketball

How I miss the full of friends day I had

Now I forecast I will have more money, so I will also be able to buy more quality stuffs, I am aiming for Lebron X, Pressure which has Full Length Air Max, but for now I gotta settle with my Full Length Air. 

How I miss this rascal, very naughty most of the times, but definitely knows how to melt my heart, hope that he is well and still alive. 

Alright, anymore pictures and I am wasting your bandwidth. Might post a little more pics or just continue with my usual blog post, lets see how it goes. Next update could be next week, or maybe a few weeks later ;p

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Falling Action

Things should always be seen in different perspective, hence there are no wrong nor are there any right. What is left, is just not right.What is done is done, nothing more nothing less.

Perhaps, this is what I've been wishing for as well, just that life has a way to fulfill it with some spices. Add a bunch of pepper for the heat and effect, add a considerable amount of salt to where it hurts, sugarcoat it for all its lovely bits, fire up the grill for all the sizzles.
I can't complain as I have not been the best as well, but the best I can do is wishing you all the best!

Thank you for setting me free, now I can finally return to who I actually am. I have no complaint, that would be pathetic of me, lets just silently part ways, peacefully.


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The End (might or might not have)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I've thought of posting this tomorrow, but..... The timing would be better off today. 

I have always believe that ignorance is bliss. A lot of time its actually better for us not to know, where truth will really hurt us. Of course, we would like to have the truth, and nothing but the truth, but truth is, do you really need the truth? Does the truth really worth sacrificing your comfort, your happiness?

Sometimes, its just an accident, the lie that we try to protect, it was so perfect until that little slip up.

More often then not, when caught red-handed or in this case sufficient proof, its like waving your big fat hand goodbye to the person you are lying to.


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The End (might or might not have)

Rising Action

Sometimes, well, most (all) of the time (at least me), we wish that we are a character of some series/movies. Well, sometimes, all I wish is that I am a Pokemon trainer, reason behind is I can grow stronger everyday with my partner. Of course the bottom line is they will be loyal to me, but at least we have trust towards each other.

Still remember how Pikachu and the gang trust and grow together with its trainer, from a very rascal little pokemon to one of the best buddies ever. 

Sometimes we wish life could be as simple as the movies that we like. But truth is........

Source, source.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This post will serve as a preview of whats to come.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tales from an old post

Please note that if you get below post is not meant for everyone, and if you have great imagination, please don't go on.

I've posted this news last year and for some reason, I went into the archive just to peek around and this title caught me again, I wonder how is the kid doing, hopefully everything is only getting better.

--> 10 Years behind MASK

Wishing you all the best kiddo

May you find happiness in life