Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Recently been dining out a lot. And this also happened recently which is the service is getting lousier as the days go by, well, this excludes those really nice dining places like tony and etc. But I mean Pizza Hut and Kenny, they also suppose to have great floor staff. You can check the PIZZA rant if you want, but this is about KENNY. 

I mean intial service was good, though this time we weren't given a choice of seat, we wanted 'that' clean side table, instead we were brought to the middle table, well, no complaints. The real issue arise when I noticed the table opposite of us receive their Muffin after they almost finish their plates, and the Muffin only arrive after the soup. Well, I just thought maybe they requested for the muffin to come in like that. But on our side, imagine what we were served first, NOT MUFFIN, NOT DRINKS, its the main course that came first. Then we asked where are our drinks and muffin, hence we had to wait, though not long, but enough for the not hot meal to turn even cooler. Now I was thinking is there much difference from those Ayamas or those chicken sold at Jusco. 

Well, other things were all below average, but at least they were a lot better than PIZZA HUT!

I know I have been complaining a lot, but at least don't you think we deserve a better service when we are paying that much, heck, I even get my drinks first when I eat at hawker center, sometimes even if I opt for the economy rice, the drinks will be there before me getting to the table.