Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Japan GT cars

This time it will be the Japan GT. Remembering the time when was watching A1GP, the sound was bombastic. A must see/hear/experience. Though Japan GTis somewhat different, asking me to choose between A1 and GT, of course its GT, but if its F1 and GT, its like asking me to choose between soup Bakuteh and dry Bakuteh.. Very hard to choose.. Nevertheless, both is a must see in the future!!This is the orange Ferrari F430GT by Daishin AdvanFieLDS Bomex 320RCalsonic Impul GT-RIshmatsu Arkhtech Porche GT3 RSR (996)Arta Garaiya GT300VQMurcielago RG-1 (i like Gallarado more)Rockstar Dome NSXRX-8 R.E. Amemiya (looks rather normal to me though)S15I like this car, but I thought this was a drift machine by the bridgestone team, forgot the driver.
Well, this is sure one nice looking S15, definitely nicer than the red one aboveMy personal fav! M7 ride. It might not have the GT look, but I prefer when they used the Lexus.
This here makes sense though, M7 uses RX-7 (FD3S)
Some of the pic are taken from somebody's webb, so here is the link if you want more.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Concept cars

As you can see in the previous written post, I wrote about the HKS CT230R Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, which is a record breaker. Well, needless to say, Mitsu's Evo is always a great car, and thus when Mitsubishi comes in mind, fast and powerfull cars comes in mind as well... Here is yet another sport type from Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi i MIEV Sport.
Has your opinion on Mitsubishi broaden??Jokes aside, now lets move on to the rival, the Honda Puyo. I wonder what will it be like driving this car out when having lunch? Will we be the lunch?But one thing is absolute sure, if we are having take-away, the food will still be hot!!!I think most of you has seen this one before, the Nissan Pivo 2. I still remember watching a documentary or something about it, they made me think its a ladies car especially when te pilot is a lady. But one thing for sure, if my Girl were to get a han on this, there isn't a place she wouldn't mind park anymore!Alfa Romeo Spix flying concept car. I wonder does it fy or it just merely floats?
It kind of gives me the hoverboat feel. You feel me?Now my favourite one among all, the Toyota Hybrid Concept car, Eco friendly and looks the deal. There is an Aura there

Friday, June 26, 2009

Matte Black

On topic today will be my favourite paintjob!! I definitely love matte black, especially if its done nice, for beginners, I would like to make my next set of rims in matte.As You can see here, its an Audi R8 (which was thrashed by GTR35 proven by a reputable car magazine, p/s: they were devastated since their fav R8 lost to an Asian GTR35, they are Europeans by the way)I like this CLS, nicely done I would say. And the bright orange calipers there is so ummm, complimentary!! Loved it. But I was wondering if it was an orange racing stripe instead, or better yet, purple racing stripe. Oh, thinking about it makes me happy!This is a Lexus, somehow the matte black paint makes its lines all so nicer, especially the wheel arch and skirts!! Though the hood/bonnet seems like a little off, but if you pay attention, I think it kind of looks like a rolls (just the hood).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nissan GTR35

My Favourite CAR of the year and the coming years!!!Just take a look at that muffler tipNothing much can be seen in this pictureWhite background with a matte black paintjob!
Even without the GraFitI at the background, this is a superb car!!Greddy Tuned GTR35. I always loved matte black!!
This 35 looks the real deal, mean machine!This is a CG though, but still I like its colour!You can't get a better car than this!!!
Faster than a american muscle (Corvette)!
Better on the mountain road than the Audi R8!
Faster than a porche on the track!
It wins drag! It wins mountain passes! It wins track!
It definitely wins my heart!!! Now if only my car can be a transformers, I would demand it to transform into a GTR35!!
How I wish to own one, but now, all I wish is to get a feel of the prowess of it!
Be it in the driver seat or the passenger seat!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Still remember on reading this edition of Hypertune, its somewhere home, but nevertheless I loved the Hipermax CT230R which was meant to break records!!! Enjoy the pics. Link
Well, needless to say, I still buy Hypertune to read, and once in awhile some other mags, just if they feature something to my liking like GTR35 etc.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sony Xplode

This would be the actually account I guess, since the other one seems to be unable to work properly, and I don't know why and lazy to fix the problem. So here I am with a new blog. yay! But there are works to be done onto this blog. Hopefully she won't notice this blog yet. Hehe.

Well, we went to 1Utama on Saturday night, took a different route to get there. When we reached there we wanted to park in the old wing, but accidentally went to the new wing, but at least I got to park my car right next to the escalator/autopay. Then we saw a car exhibition, saw Impul Latio and a 70's van. Cool. But whats really nice is the sight of a scooby!!! White Scooby! Its with Sony Xplode booth. Needless to say, pic was taken by her cell and stolen from her blog, haha, if you want a link to her blog, she is my gorgeous girl, you can find the link on the right.
If this were to be my daily ride, you will have to yell at me so that I can listen to you nicely. This audio car is good, but kind of a little too hard on the bass and you can't really get the groove of the music. Recently I like a blend, both sound pressure and sound quality. Hehe.