Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saga Hill (Bukit Saga) - Hilltop, A route #HikeMY

For those who wishes to hike or introduce hiking to friends in Saga Hill (Bukit Saga) for the first time, this may come in handy for you. 

This is the simplest route in Saga Hill and beginners should try it once before taking other routes. I still train on this route by going up and down (Hilltop) within 45minutes. Its not a great record, but thats good enough for me. 

**You can pack some hot drinks (flask), snacks, choc, nasi lemak etc to eat at hilltop. 

So this is the entrance you should look for (Waze it and park it at the open space car park). 

Upon passing the entrance, there will be a notice board area and you could buy some refreshment here before leaving. Walk to the base of Saga Hill and you will find a mini 'waterfall', you can clean urself before leaving. 

So now you are at the base, start stretching if you haven't, and then lets start hiking. Pass the base and this is what greets you. 

You will come across this small Datuk Gong (sorry if misspelled). There is a route behind it, but I'll leave it for the next post. You should follow trail A, come back down if you are at this area. 

You should be following this. 

It should take you about 10-15 min max to reach here. Its ok to go slower, make sure you still have at least 70% stamina with you, else pace down. 

This is an important view, at the clearing infront, its the checkpoint!!

You have earned a rest. 
**You should be here in 20 minutes or lesser

Not far from the checkpoint, you will find a split, left route is for the more adventorous (its easy actually), and the right route is for the lazy. 

If you take the left, remember to climb it this way. (Rope in between your leg)

Regardless of the route you took, its minimal difference. But you should have some fun here. 

The last few stretch. Which can kill most people ;)

When you see this, it should be good news. You have almost reached hilltop. 

Congrats and enjoy your day here. We usually spend 1-2 hours here relaxing, 'gym', chit chat. You should spend 30-60 min to get here. If you took loads of time up, try to really rest up before going down. Hike up is easy for me, its down that kills me.