Monday, June 23, 2014

Long abandon blog

Its time to brush up on my creative writing again, and what better place to do it then on an online podium where you don't have an idea who I am nor me you.

Well, looking at the current World Cup Fever 2014, it is with heavy heart to tell you that I dislike soccer/football or whatever you call it. But, without a doubt it is a very successful Marketing campaign! There are always sports, championships etc, but to be able to make it an international event, and at the same time capitalize on this huge event, all marketers' mind are practically on overdrive.

How to catch on this heat, we must do something about it, we need to have this out by xx xx xx, all the deadlines, all the pressure! And worst of all, all the ideas seems stale, dull, dead, repetitive, or worst, your competitor's idea. My question is pretty simple, why follow the heat? As a marketer, you should always catch the wave before it even builds up, where you have everything prepared before hand, but sometimes, the best way to catch on this World Cup Fever, might be to kill it? Where everyone is hyping about winning, why not prepare the way out for the losers? You are satisfying 2 markets at once!! Literally hitting 2 birds with one stone.

You will be seen as the compassionate and caring entity by the losing team/supporters, and pride of the winner. To make it more bluntly and less marketing like, I will host an event, at the pub, gather 2 teams, and at the end of it, treat the losing team to a free-flow buffet while the winning team will have only FOC 1 pint.

Now the scenario is open, and how do you fly with this and make it successful? Make it your case study and associate it to your industry or simply throw it back to me, let's dissect it and see how we could make it interesting! Its all about making an impact, making your presence felt!