Thursday, September 30, 2010


Allow me to rant, I am going to kill anyone who pisses me off now, people in my department or at least my team, knows that I'm pissed, not sure whether they know the reason or not. But sooner or later, I'm gonna have to let off some steam else my hand will be gleam, gleaming with the glistering colour of red!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It seems the latest craze is all about Iphone4, and this news seems small right now,

this Blackberry Playbook.

Or this nifty Garmin Asus A10

It seems that all the focus are pointed towards the latest craze, 4 Yellow Apple.

Well although everyone wants one, someone has more than one, well, they have it but they don't own it if you were wondering.

And my sis was having fun playing lego with Iphones

This is the craze which is getting to most people. Iphone 4. 

I'm not sure why I am posting a lot of Digi + Iphone, where I don't get any benefits what so ever. And I am using Maxis by the way. hehe

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Police fined

We always heard police saman, police find duit kopi etc. But how rare is it that polis kena saman? This here police fined by the GH of Sarawak I think.

A real good one, police fined and not police fine.

Now this fined police will have to find (not fine) the person who fines him. lol

Friday, September 24, 2010

The history of Digi Iphone4 encrypted message part 2

For the first part refer to History of Digi Iphone4 Encrypted for the post.

When I thought that Digi was very smart in their ads, I enjoy most their ads if not all. This time is no exception. From a goat, 4 apple, it became this

It is very funny indeed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The history of Digi Iphone4 encrypted message

Samy Vellu was visiting India when he fell and broke his jaw.
He was unable to speak. Being the great leader that he is, he continued his grand tour.

On the last week of his visit, although unable to speak, Samy insisted on sending a message home to his Cabinet colleagues.

Samy caught a chicken and showed it to the camera.
Next he took a goat, and showed it to the camera.
Finally he took a bag and displayed it in front of the camera.

Dr Ling was the first to see the video clip. He said, "Samy is telling us that India has insufficient food because he showed us a chicken and a goat and he wants Malaysia to donate bags of rice."

Mahathir watched silently then said,"No lah....what Samy is trying to say is HE IS COMING BACK.

The whole Cabinet was puzzled and look to the old man for an explanation. Mahathir reasoned, "AYAM KAMBING BAG." ("I am coming back" in Indian accent).

So on the digi's part, 4 apple, could actually mean  APPLE IPHONE 4, while the KAMBING is COMING, you get the rest
For part 2, refer to History of Digi Iphone4 Encrypted part2

Movie Review: Piranha

Definitely a good movie, or at least because I was so sick and tired of croc movies. Everytime you see some water creature terrorizing, its either snake or crocs, the later dominates the scene for the past few years.

Apart from the usual sex appeal, I like the gory part very, very much, at least that explain why I laughed when others are covering their eyes or screaming.
Just to take your mind off the previous picture

The thing about these kind of movies is you can actually predict whats going to happen. But at least I like the part where 'they are just babies'.

If anything is for sure, please do not watch this in cinema, they cut so much, I mean its one thing you cut those sexy stuff, but the bloody!! I want to watch that even more! So please blame me for supporting TPB so I can enjoy more women splitting in half and gushing bloods and bones.

Monday, September 20, 2010

To war in da office!

Do you feel bored in the office, thinking of shooting that person, or just wanting to waste your precious time, well, I am not selling anything, but just want to share a funny thing I stumbled upon, sorry if I am slow, but at least I made an update.
This is something really unlike the usually USB gadgets you find near your IT shop. Don't really know if its even offered in Malaysia.

This is the USB Rocket, or known as air darts.

From the looks of it, you can even aim it too. 

Here is how it actually look

It comes together with the software for you to aim and shoot, so you won't accidentally shoot it to your manager or the HR guys

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Succeeded in posting after so long

After being inactive for  so long, I think I will slowly start to update my blog. This is the first post with basically nothing in it. Haha.

We gotta start somewhere right, in order to be successful, sometime the biggest factor is that very first step!