Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Heart melts while looking at all these cute pet pictures.

Here we have a pure breed Dwarf Hotot bunny, isn't it cute?
Next we have the loyal pet cat who accompanies you while studying.

You know how those rich S.O.B. have in their living room, bear rug.. Well, here we have ....

I bet he/she is mom's favourite!

Lol, this is really a priceless pic la!!
Bolt the name
Jolt the game
After looking at these two enjoying, I really feel like want to get my Winter White ASAP!!!

Heres some update on the Winter White that I will be getting!!
They are now 24 days old, going to get them in about 10more days.
I wonder if you notice, but they are indeed tame, not because it is not biting, and not because it is sitting there quietly to be pat (well, both are true when they are tame), but the main thing to be notice is, the hamster at the back, trying to climb up the owner's hand. So cute!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Join The Pact

Well, for those who knows me, I think you might know I am into cars, some might know that I HAD a dream of flying a jet fighter, to feel the adrenaline rush, to feel the high G, to fly in the sky. But due to my eyesight, it was quickly killed! No more dreaming about it, then I found drift, I have no money, I don't know people, but I will drift, in the future with my own money, I won't be a great drifter, but good enough to enjoy the sport. The reason? G!! What other ways can we, the average Joe do to feel such a thing close to flying a jet figher? This is it, driving, drifting, racing. I might need to wait a long time before I can start to drift, but now, just now, I might have the chance to feel the G, which is much more better then drifting.
Well enough with my dream, I think I've blog about this earlier when Nuffnang just release the words, the blog is JTP Supercar Ride in SIC. Well needless to say, for me, its like a kid just got a new toy. But the difference is, the toy is not in my hand yet.

One thing I like about this is that they are promoting safety, let me ask you, how many of you had lost a family/friend or friend's family because they drink and drive. This is absolutely not an issue to be joke around! Some of you might think that you are a terrific drinker/driver, heck, I bet even a great driver such as Mika and Lewis would not dare to drink and drive. And they are the best in driving industry.

If you were to think, what is there to be proud of?
You can be proud of your driving skill!
You can be proud of how much you can drink!
But two good things don't always make one great thing, sometimes it makes one great ending!
And this ending needs no further explanation.

All I can say is, don't drink and drive, when you know you are going to have a few drinks, don't drive there, car pool, and make sure the driver is not a drinker as well. The best way is, get a taxi, though the history of taxi might scare some (rob, rape, kill), but isn't it better then getting yourselve killed in an accident? I would rather take my chances, I would rather lose some money then lose my life. Nothing is more important than your life, remember that!
Enough with my ranting, I would like to promote this event, I would be going to Sunway Pyramid on 13th Sept 09 (I am sorry for the mistake, the actual date should be on 12th Sept 09, which is this Saturday. [thx Nuffie for noticing this error])for the launch and JTP Supercar demo run by Mika.

Lets go and join in on the event, I believe it will be crowded, so be extra careful for pickpocket, and try to drink lots and lots of water, as it helps in fighting H1N1.

Oh I can't tell you how exciting this event would be like, have you been to F1? Well, I haven't, but I went to A1(free ticket), and i blew my heads off, and this time, I can go up close and personal, I think I might wet myself out of shear pleasure.
Can you see the word there? Its JOIN THE PACT, so what are you waiting for? Come on, hit the button and join in now, I know you guys would want to join the pact, because I know you guys/girls are wise enough to think, wise enough to value your lives, so come on in, join the pact and show that you are against drink and drive, or at least show that you won't.
I have joined, what about you?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday's Event!

Google maps needs no further introduction, so here are my routes for Sunday. Well I was in office (Unified Advertising) while Elmo was at Taman Pertanian with few other friends. Moments before wrapping up the day, Elmo said there was an accident and her friend is being treated at a nearby Hospital, its next to Plaza Shah Alam (we refer at it as Plaza MASALAM ok!). After settling everything, I had to answer a call, nature's call. So ended up meeting at the petrol station nearby. Then discussed about what to eat, heck! If you were my friends, I would just bring you guys to Ali's Corner (Mamak) to eat, cheap and good. At least definitely cheaper than Bak Kut Teh. But why I didn't voice out, cause they were the kind of rich (Spoilt) kids, imagine they can go eat Ah Xian Dim Sum for breakfast, ok la, but they really know how to enjoy la.

So lets just say we had our lunch at Yi Xin Bak Kut Teh, upon reaching there, I had a not so bad impression on it, I was thinking maybe its some high class Bak Kut Teh.. But upon eating, all the cursing came, the soup was rather salty, the meat was rather overcooked, and one thing for sure, it is sure as hell expensive. If I am eating at Klang, I won't mind paying that price, since good food, but here, need I go further down the sheet?!
Well, its not like I didn't mentioned Klang Bak Kut Teh, heck, if you were in Cyberjaya and wanted Bak Kut Teh, its ok to go Kelana Jaya to eat BKT, but I would rather go Puchong or Equine Park to eat BKT, but the PROBLEM is, we were in SHAH ALAM for christ sake!!! It is practically Klang's neighbour, and where can you get the best Bak Kut Teh (or at least the majority of good BKT) than Klang!!!

Ok, enough with my rant about how bad the service, food, price, soup, meat, mushroom and rice is (I was expecting Yam Rice!). After finally going our own ways, sorry cow, you had to go with them, we met up with Wu at Summit USJ.
The reason why I wanted to there is because of our friend Wei Bing, intro me to Adidas Factory Outlet, the shoes there are ok la, not much choice for sure, since I was aiming for basketball shoe. Can't find anything that I like, so ended up to And 1 store, the place where I bought my all my basketball stuff (except for my Lock-Down-Mid), if include the pair I just bought, I have bought 3pairs of shoes, 2/3 basketballs, 2pair of finger sleeve, numerous pairs of socks, and a pair of nike basketball pants, and I also recieved a Nike Jersey as my birthday present from here by Wu and Yap. (Will blog about the shoe later)

After buying wanted to catch a movie, but the time is not right, and we were killing time so we went to old town at Ground Floor. I didn't order anything as I would rather waste my money at steak later. So we chitter chatter for about 1-2hours before heading to SS 15 to eat.
If you don't know where this is, you can find it at a corner near Taylor Business School. I do highly recommend this place, the price is ok, but what I LOVE about this place is the sour sop juice, they make fresh sour sop juice!!! With the sour sop in it. MY GOD, I love to eat it after having my beef/lamb steak. While friends finished their food and drinks, and started to chit chat, I would be muching my way through the soursop. Though someone did not believe it was fresh because her's (kiwi) was cordeal. Haha. Well, I know can already, no point of arguing over some petty stuffs.
Just to let you know, Elmo's breakfast was about RM14 which she only ate less than RM10 (friends say 50-50)
Lunch was about RM13, I had to pay for 3head, mine, Elmo, and Cow.

Dinner was around RM42 for all 3 of us, I ordered beef + lamb, though this time, its not so nice as last time, still remember last time it was tender and juicy, I wonder did I request for 80%?


On Sunday
Woke up at 3pm, haha, then washed the Hamster cage and tubes, while washing I started on my potato salad, this time was not a success as half-way through, the gas died on me, so I thought to fix the problem, I let the potato to soak longer, ended up the potato was overcooked, and it could become mashed potato.

After cleaning and drying the cage, I spent about 30minutes to come up with different layout of the tubes., when I thought I was finally done (satistfied), only did I remember that I'm going to get a Habitrail OVO pad from LalaBubbles, so I had to redesign the tubes again so when I get my hand on the OVO, I can just plug it in without much hassle.

Cant wait to get the Winter White la, if you were wondering what the Hamsters look like, here is 2picture of them. One grey, one almost full white, and the rest is white with a little grey near the butt. I wonder which 1 Elmo wants? Full White? or anyone?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

As you can see here in the map, it is really near my home, 15minutes drive.
Elmo and friends are there today to enjoy, but Wu asked me to join him for a DotA session which I kinda miss. In dilemma, I really want to play though, so guess it aint a dilemma. Hehe

Friday, August 21, 2009

Irreplaceable vs Replaceable

While working today, stumbled upon something bloggable, a sentence which might sound absurb, but worth thinking about.

Don't be irreplaceable.

If you can't be replaced,

you can't be promoted.

It might seem weird,
  • If you are replaceable, that means you could be fired anytime
  • If you are irreplaceable, that means you can't be promoted.

So what shall it be, to be replaceable or irreplaceable?
If its me, I shall go for irreplaceable, but, I will definitely pressure the management so that I can be promoted.

But back to the sentence, what it actually meant was do your thing the best you can, be an asset to your company, it will ensure your bright future, but don't stuck in one spot, once the company noticed that they cannot replace you, they will just put you there forever.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orphan Review

Ok, lets start of with the main cast and crew:

@ Kate - Vera Farmiga
@ John - Peter Sarsgaard
@ Esther (- sabelle Fuhrman
@ Daniel - Jimmy Bennett
@ Max Coleman - Aryana Engineer
@ Directed by - Jaume Collet-Serra (“House of Wax”)
@ Screenplay by - David Leslie Johnson
@ Story by - Alex Mace

@The behind-the-scenes creative team is led by
¤ Director of photography Jeff Cutter
¤ Production designer Tom Meyer
¤ Editor Tim Alverson
¤ Costume designer Antoinette Messam
¤ Composer John Ottman

Can you keep a secret?

It all started with a miscarriage, they have lost their child, the eldest would be a boy called Daniel and followed by a daughter who is hearing impaired, Max. The third addition was supposed to be Jessica, but she has passed away while still in the womb of her mother. Now she resides (ashes scatted) at the garden (greenhouse) which is visible from the room of the parents.

Time has passed, and they decide to adopt a child, they want to give the love that was suppose to be given to Jessica, to someone who really needs it, an ORPHAN!

How they end up with Esther? This you have to watch it yourselves!

The one and only problem Esther has with people is when they tried to take/touch the ribbons at her neck/wrist, there is a very simple explanation as why a 9year-old girl will freak out like that. Again, I won't spoil it for you.

Similair to Pedophile, Esther mastermind her way using poor little Max. Max looks so adorable, and me and Elmo likes it most when she was being innocent, like 'you tricked me'. Really adorable!

Skipping all the mid part (boring), lets fast forward to the exciting part, here is where she burns evidence, as in literally BURN EVIDENCE. Nothing can be left which would trace it back to her.

Soon after the fire, in the hospital, lets just skip the whole thing and sum it up in a sentence.

Kate was sedated by the orderly for bit** slapping Esther.

Lets just say Kate was the only one not being manipulated all this time, or maybe I should say, she is not chosen to be manpulated, instead, she is the chosen one to view the truth.

But its too late for her family though, after learning the truth about Esther from the Saarne Institute, she hurried back to save her family, only reaching a dead husband!

How she killed Esther? Lets just say it was a quick kill, Esther didn't even have the time to say anything else.


After watching this movie, me and Elmo head back to the car, there wasn't much car left, but the shitty thing is, our car is so far away and no car was near us. Feels like something bad gonna happen, but all I can say is that lucky we didn't watch some Asian Horror movie, if we did, we might freak out a little.

Suddenly miss my hamster, really can't wait to get the new Winter White!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination’

Last Wednesday was working in office like the usual, but this time, there is a little difference. The night before me and Elmo went to Nuffnang's Premier of UP, after that went to Puchong Neway for what else! Sleep. Then left about 2.45am, went back home and slept at 3something.

So that explains why I fell asleep while working (my boss better don't frequent my blog). While sleeping I had this weird dream!!

I dreamt of Flik from A Bug's Life, and what I dreamt of is I tried to stomp the like out of it.
While stomping, suddenly a Piano came crashing down, lucky me, I few inches away, but too bad for TOM, he got squashed by it.

Seconds later, when I look above me, there was a toilet bowl came crashing, and BAM!!! I was dead (lucky there was no gooey stuff in it).

Then since my feet was on top of Flik, he was saved, then he immidiately realise how fragile a life is, yada yada yada, he went and kill Hopper.

Then Hopper died and all the other followers ran away.

While escaping, they block the view of a van, the van crash into the pet store.

SuperBug came and save the day, sadly, the van was carrying Kryptomorning, SuperBug died saving the petshop.
When I opened my eyes, first thing I thought was, lucky no sh** on me, toilet bowl drop ma. Then second thought was lucky boss not in. Lastly only thought of the dream, but ignored it. Look at the time, its 1pm, go down mamak have lunch, got new people moving in next door.

Saw an ant, tried to kill it, suddenly, dejavu!

Took a step back, bam, a cat died, piang! Flik died. So the grasshoper are saved, the van driver is safe, and super bug is safe..

Good news is, I saved lifes, bad news is, they won't know/believe me.
Then I remembered Final Destination 1 & 2 & 3 & 4!!!OH SH**!!! That means I am the 1st to die among us, quickly grab my handphone (snap a pic of the horrified me to post on Nuffnang), snapped a pic and

(the picture I snaped, maybe the grim reaper was there so the pic distorted, maybe I was dead before I managed to snap a pic.)

Or should it be continued?

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, this is what my hamster cage currently looks like, but mine is green though, that was the only colour available.

This here I believe is Habitrail Suite which consist of OVO pad, OVO transport hub, OVO tower, and OVO water. A suite like this could cost around RM150.

62600 Habitrail Ovo Pad RM 83.80
62610 Habitrail Ovo Suite RM 154.80
62690 Habitrail Ovo Tower RM 35.50
62691 Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack RM 68.20
62660 Habitrail Ovo Maze Blue RM 69.60
62665 Habitrail Ovo Maze Pink RM 69.60
62675 Habitrail Ovo Den RM 14.20
62670 Habitrail Transport Unit RM 27.00
62715 Habitrail Ovo Cube RM 9.50
62720 Habitrail Ovo Tee RM 7.10
62725 Habitrail Ovo Curve RM 7.10
62730 Habitrail Ovo Elbow RM 5.70
62710 Habitrail Ovo U-Turn RM 7.10
62705 Habitrail Ovo 10 Inch Tube RM 9.50
62701 Habitrail Ovo Window RM 9.90
62700 Habitrail Ovo Lock RM 11.40
62680 Habitrail Ovo Water Bottle RM 19.90
Do you want to know why I like Habitrail OVO so much, its due to these 2 pics, just look at how nice it is, ok, I know its a marketing GiG, I am a marketing student you know.. But what I really like is the next pic!! Would you just look at how cute the Hammie is while drinking. OMFG!!!

Package A - Habitrial OVO PAD + Mini Maze (Retail Price: RM90 + RM30)


Package Include:1. Full Set Habitrial OVO Pad 2. Habitrial Mini Maze

Add On:1. WW Hamster (RM15 each - up to maximum 2)2. Hamster Toilet (RM5)3.
Hamster wheel (RM8)*

Please check with me on availability. For add on items
pictures, kindly refer to the thread below.

Description: There are some parts in this set contain defects.

1. Bite mark at tube (below water bottle), main opening and hidden area hole.Reason: Plastic bitten by hamsterSolution: no severe damages. Solution not necessary.

2. Wheel screw missingReason: The front screw has been replaced with a real screw and working well.Solution: A real screw is used to fix it. No problem with the wheel at all.

3. Broken handle at mini mazeReason: handle broken when opening the mini maze.Solution: Stick a tape is recommended to avoid the opening at the mini maze from falling down.

Ok, I know the quality is far from what you see in the promo pic, and it is rather faulty, but this is as cheap as it gets, that day when me and Elmo went to the nearby pet store and survey the price, Habitrail OVO pad cost RM100 while Habitrail OVO Transport Hub cost RM30++. Though I am not getting the transport hub, I think I will get it in the near future. Hehe.
Package C - Habitrial OVO Suite (Retail Price: RM180)
Package Include:1. Full Set Habitrial OVO Pad
Add On:1. WW Hamster (RM15 each - up to maximum 2)2. Hamster wheel (RM8)3.
Hamster Toilet (RM5)*
Please check with me on availability.
For add on items pictures, kindly refer to the thread below.Description:
There are only ONE part in this set contain defects.
1. Bite mark Transporting Unit.
Reason: Plastic bitten by hamster
Solution: no severe damages. Solution not necessary.

These are the baby hamster! I will be getting a hold on them hopefully early next month! In case if you were wondering, their DOB is August 2nd 2009!

If you would like some info, you could visit the following link: