Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soundproof / Noiseproof Sticker for Cars Door

Since CNY is near, and the sound of wind is irritating me, was planning to get some affordable stuff to help my car. Stumbled across this! 

Soundproof / Noiseproof Sticker for Cars Door

Based on the pictures I gotten from the thread

There are +ve & -ve comments, some says it doesn't help in terms of noise reduction, some says only provide a solid 'thud/thump' sound when closing the door. There are those that said it helps.

But I think since mine is an old car, with lots of rubber problem around the door, it should have some sort of positive effect. But the price is at RM30 per box (2doors/box), was wondering is it a worthwhile investment.

Tried posting but till now still no reply. Haihz.

For more info, you can directly visit the thread at - Soundproof/Noiseproof Stickers for Cars Door

Friday, January 22, 2010

Car die again!!

This is a late post, but again, my car is dead after being revived not too long. I wonder is it the mechanics' fault or is it purely mine?

My dear old Toyota, now come to think of it, my family practically runs on these workhorses. My dad owned a Corona quite some time ago, the was around my age 20++, then I got my Toyota EE90, then my bro now owns a Toyota SEG, and soon my dad is getting another Toyota. Other than the Mercedes that my dad owned and the Perodua Kancil that my sis have, we are Toyota loyalist! Haha

But my poor workhorse decided to give itself out, it was a rainy day, suddenly I felt something amiss when I step on the clutch, then moments later, I felt a light vibration coming from the clutch pedal, but I was on the round-a-bout so I can't simply stop, I had to get to my exit then only stop at the roadside, then I kill the engine and consulted my dad, he said to continue, but now the vibration is getting so strong that it will make my leg feel numb. So what I did was drive slowly, maintain a speed of 20km/h - 30km/h using 2nd gear. After about 5-10min, I reached the destination but the vibration has gone, only a small vibration will come once in awhile. Then my dad used my car for the next two days, on the second day, he sent it to CN Auto, they said they had fixed the problem and my dad asked whether it was usable, they said take it, just drive back tomorrow for a check-up. Before reaching home, the car dies, and cannot be started anymore, not even with pushing jump start nor with cable jump start. Towed back and the next day the mechanics said need to overhaul! So whose fault is it I wonder, I admit it could be mine as my driving style is rather aggressive, this was the second time this workshop has made repairs that resulted in my car needing another overhaul!

Hope to see you soon my EE90!

This is not mine, just a pic I google, but overall this is how my car looks like

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to blog!

After 3weeks of HOLIDAY, back to blogging! More updates/story to come! Kinda tired, adios

Monday, January 4, 2010


Movie Review time! This time its AVATAR
Went to watch Avatar 3D last night. To my disappointment, not the movie, but the 3D!! Was expecting more 3D thingy, really not worth the money to see a few branches, some butterfly like things, etc!! If I had another choice, I would just pay for the normal screening, well, maybe the 3D has better colours etc than the normal screenings (which I will never find out), but to pay double the price, no way man, not unless the 3D tech is up to my expectations!

Well aside from the bad 3D, the story is fabulous, but if you think about it, its just another lame love story, Country A sends spy into Country B, spy falls in love with target, betrays own country, bla bla bla.
But what makes this movie great, aside from the graphics, its the details that went into the movie, I won't spoil it now, so just go watch it.

Somehow I feel like its a game