Friday, February 18, 2011

“I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch”

Why do I got the Powerrr with 

Well, for one, you know how all those heroes are always dudes with huge man-boobs, bla bla bla.. Well, if I was with them, of course I feel safe, power-less, but safe.

Now imagine this, along with babes! 

Well, of course I won't be able to escape with just brute force, even though I wish I am Superman, but being with these lovely ladies sparks me to be stronger, in both mind and body. So why waste time by doing things forcefully?

Obviously I will be super powerful! Well, to the extent of a normal human of course. 

I still might be able to kill the ninjas, the easier way, use a gun! Even if they can split bullets, that one bullet will help me take out two ninja/samurai! Now who is stronger. 

But in the end, how can you not make yourself stronger to protect the women! 
I will definitely get the power with Sucker Punch, just take a look at who I am going to travel with!

Well, now you know my secret, fight with brain, and then by force. Breaking up each defend's weaknesses. 

Watch out, or they will sucker punch you
Sucker Punch

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Being at the easy place! Great work!!

Why is it that at places such as malfunctioning traffic light, road repair/construction etc, you can't seem to find the  traffic police?

But when you pass that place, they seem to be standing at the usual highway, that particular long stretch of road, directing the cars which are all travelling the same direction.

Yeah, that is our 1Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh. Gotta say, smart! Directing a congested straight road is definitely better then directing a place where it would help.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not my post, just wanted to share

February the 14th means different things to different people. Some people embrace Valentines day for its kitschy, overpriced, blatant commercialism while some people just prefer to treat it like any other day on the calendar. Some people, like the folks at the AMD marketing team decided to get a potshot in on their arch rivals Intel. AMD shipped out a mug of chocolates that read simply " I <3 APU" - referring of course to the Stellar Fusion Platform -  with a note attached:

"I heard that Sandy B. broke your heart and wanted to let you know that I'm here for you. Oh, and I have a cousin from Llano, Texas I'd like to introduce you to soon - I think you two would really hit it off!

AMD Fusion APU"
Nice one AMD. Our resident troll couldn't have done better himself.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A day off would be the best now.

How often do we wish that we can take a day off, but when we actually do take a day off, how many of us spends that day sitting at home doing nothing but watching movie/anime/series or simply going online/gaming. Don't you think its a waste of time? I mean won't it be better to spend it somewhere better? Catching up with a friend, going for some outdoor activities. I would prefer to the later, but the problem with Malaysia is that do any outdoor thing between 10am to 4pm will eventually get you dehydrated with a touch of sunburn.

Ohh, how I wish that our weather are not so hot, where we can go to the beach (note, I am not a beach guy, I believe the cause is I am embarrassed of my body),go hiking/cycling around, etc.
Right now, this moment, I feel like going somewhere and hike, hike to the peak and find a waterfall, then its fun time there! All the hard-work to get up and find that waterfall, it will be all worthwhile when you throw everything down (except your clothes of course) and step towards the waterfall, sitting directly below with all those water gushing onto your head and back, listening to nothing but the roar of the water, it can never be better. Somehow, I prefer waterfall than the beach, primarily due to this!
 But if our beaches are clean, and filled with bikini-clad sexy babes, i don't really mind dropping by the beach once in awhile, nevertheless, after sweating from the hike, being rewarded by the waterfall is awesome, now only if I know where to go!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great 2011 CNY!

Apparently this year's CNY was much more enjoyable compared to last year, for me at least. The usual card games has increased, and most notably the joy has increased. On my last night in Malacca, I accidentally wore a similar color attire as the rest, namely the triplet three! As you can see below, 3colors with 3 person each. I accidentally wore pink.

Well, that aside, I especially love this particular photo!

And another thing was that I got to finally sit in a Porsche Cayenne! Thanks kor Kelly, but wanna go again!

Then we have the new Do-Re-Mi only Do-Re are sisters, Mi is the relative.

For the last picture, here is Milo

Thats all, now need to concentrate back on my work, zzzz, hopefully in the near future I can kick-start my blog again..