Friday, July 31, 2009

Planning a trip?

Currently on a plan for a weekend gettaway, from Saturday (after my 1/2 day work) till Monday night. I definitely will be worn out on Tuesday in office! I think out of all thing, I think I am more worried on the financial part. Don't really feel like wasting money, especially when I don't really have much to spare. But then again, there is the factor of "A", it is quite serious in Malacca, maybe its just me, it is not really that bad, but no matter what, I would still prefer to sit home and relax.

But this weekend getaway CAN NOT be terminated just because I said so, because Elmo will kill me for it, regardless of the reason I give. Haihz. Since they have a saying, 'you cant beat em, join em'.

Right after my work, will head back home (Cyberjaya) to fetch Elmo, lunch would most probably be the 'Potato Salad' that I will be making tonight along with the milk we bought in Jusco last night, 3 for RM12!! Normally we buy 2 for RM10. Well, thats the lunch. Once we hit Malacca, I think I will most probable head back home to unpack and relax for the rest of the day.
Ok, lets make it this way, since there are still some unforeseen event that might happen which will directly alter the course of the trip (sarcastic), I will break the night event into 3 parts, where all 3 will happen, just which come first and last will be decided on the last minute perhaps.
Night A
Head to the old pasar for some good old Asam Pedas, though friends recommended the chinese stall, me and Elmo feel that the Malay one is nicer, well, to each his/her own taste ya. Kind of miss the taste of it, though dirty (place), but the spicy-ness. And this was one of the places where Elmo started to eat (really) spicy food. And if we are lucky, maybe a few kittens might pop up. I wish it will be like the time when we went to 'Lookout Point' Gasoline, few kitties there, so darn cute. But I'm a dog person. Hehe
Well, after eating, MMU here we come, long time no went in there, so maybe go back in there and park the place we usually park at night.. Then there is two place to go, one is the place where our Indonesian classmate was working at last time, some ice cafe, or head to mamak not far from MMU. Well, we love this mamak, because it serves Banana Juice, no mamak here (Selangor) serves it. After that, maybe go pusing pusing at MiTC then head home through the cemetery perhaps?
Night B
Well, nothing much can be said here, go to Jonker, eat walk drink look c look c, and more look look c c. Thats about it.
Night C
The most boring one of all, but also the one I like the most, sit back at home, watch some DVD, and eat my aunt's Hokkien Mee and Fried Rice (tapao from her Restaurant la).
Among the DAYLIGHT programme
Go eat Cendol at our favourite place, its at a home of an aunty. Sometime we (I) help the aunty as she has too many customer, sometime its inserting the 'Gula Melaka', sometime its packaging, sometimes its washing the bowl etc etc. She is very friendly also, that could be one of the reason why I don't mind helping. (But never receive discount before, sobs.. Haha)
Another day time gig will be to go visit the temple, Elmo has been eager/anxious to visit a temple. So we finally get to go to Kuan Yin Temple in Malacca not far from Jonker. So I was wondering should we do this along with the Jonker gig?
Now, this is purely optional, and I kind of feel like taking it out of the plan, going to either Dataran Pahlawan or Mahkota Parade and then grab a movie, in DP, the GSC there offers twin seat yo. Haha, long time no go for twin seat d.

Well, thats about all of it. The rest will be private time togather as I am always working and playing basketball and game. Not much quality time spent togather, so this is the time to catch back and tickle her till she cry. Hehe
Love you so much!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alien probing!!!

Anyone know District 9? Or Area 51? Or Roswell? Independence Day? Day after tomorrow? Ok ok, you would most definitely know X-Files. Alright, if you don't know X-files, what about MIB (Men in Black) by Will Smith?

All about paranormal alien activity, but I forgot which one or maybe some other movie/series that mentioned Alien Kidnap. But the first thing that comes in mind is why would they want to kidnap us? Since they can travel to other planets, this would mean they have far better technology then us, so why kidnap us? Ransom? Study? Study how to get dumber? I wonder, what if they kidnaped dumb and dumber. What would the study end up like? Or Paris Hilton. Haha

Kkk, lets move onto the main topic, District 9. Aliens are now settlers in South Africa's District 9, the world are anticipating a lot of things, some are wondering will an attack commence? Some are eager to gain knowledge of the advance technology. Are they threat? Or will they help us advance our technologies? Can we co-exist?
Who knows what will happen, but what we know is that they are the LAST survivors of their planet, heck, who knows why. Did they screw up like we humans did? Toxic waste, pollution, global warming, etc!!! Did they got attacked? What happened to their planet?
If they screw up, co-existing with them might be good and might be bad, they have learnt their lessons the hard way, so they might be able to give us some pointers on what to do. The bad is, won't living with them accelerate the process of global disaster? More pollution etc.
But what if they got attacked? Shouldn't we pity them, help them? But if we shelter them, won't we be targeted as well. So what to do?
All I am doing now is guessing, from what I have read. So to know more, why, what cause, what will happen, go watch Distric 9 produced by Peter Jackson.

If you want to find out more through nuffnang about D9 click here Nuffnang + D9

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The thing that I've dreamt of doing since I was a pea is to fly a Jet Plane, not those commercial type, but those that used in the military. I had a dream where I would master the aviation skill and able to be the best in what I do. Sadly speaking, when I joined a trip organised by the Rotary Club of Selangor (one of the visited places was RMAF - Royal Malaysian Air Force), my dreams were shattered to pieces by the commanding general and two other pilots. This is due to the fact that I have a lazy eye, meaning one of my eye can see better than the other, that being said, my right eye is currently my dominant eye. To add salt to me, I have just enjoyed 'Independence Day' by Will Smith, so I actually was hoping to enjoy the trip and fullfilling my lust for aviation.

To be a pilot, you must be physically fit, and your senses must be top notch especially your vision, flying at mach speed, and unable to have a clear view = death wish on the sky.

Well, needless to say, I was very sad, my dream of flying in the sky, has vanished, or should I say shot dead. I always thought of how will it feel like flying in a Jet Plane, the adrenaline rush from the G's (gravity) you feel, how the clear sky/stormy weather/night view/sunset/sunrise would look like from above. Streaming through the clouds, in search of my cloud nine.

But hey, this is life, when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. At least now I have a love of my life, my Elmo.

Monday, July 27, 2009

$$$ Cash $$$ Flow $$$

This is how I normally live through my days when I am running low on the $$$. Lets say after deducting rental, utilities etc, I have RM240 left (which is pretty true), RM100 will go for the whole month's grocerry trip. So I have RM140 left as my daily expenditure.

RM140/30days = RM4.67/day

That is how much I can spend each day. RM4.67 includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper. So how to survive? My lunch cost RM3.50-RM4.00, so no more dinner. But since I don't take lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (4.67 x 3 = 14), so I have extra RM14 to spend each week.

Daily leftover
RM4.67 - RM3.67 = RM1.00

Weekly leftover
RM1.00 x 7 = RM7.00

Total leftover for a week
RM7.00 + RM14.00 = RM21.00

So each week I have RM21 extra. A dinner at 'Tai Ka Lok' cost RM4.50 (pan mee) and RM1.20 (Leong Cha Suet), thus making it RM5.70 a meal. So I can have about 4meals (dinner). The rest of the day, bread and home cooked meal.

Typical dinner set
RM4.50 + RM1.20 = RM5.70
RM5.70 x 4 = RM22.80

But lets say if I were to spend a little extra, I will just cut down on my usage for the following few days, instead of not eating for two whole days, I will just save a little here and there, still managing to eat, and still able to save back the money I used.

But sometimes to go out, I have to ask some extra allowance from my parents, cause if go out, 1 meal could easily cost up to RM10, parking petrol and toll could also cost about RM20 per trip.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Slow Connection!!

I am experiencing a very slow connection today at office, don't really know why, but one thing for sure, when you got nothing to do, when you can't just simply go snooze around, when you can't play game or chatting etc, without internet connection (it takes 2-6minutes to load, you wished you were working under the sun getting some real action, or at least have something to do. I am certify popping mushroom all over my body, sooner or later I might end up like Davy Jone's crew from Pirates of the Carribean!

Omg. someone please restore the connection, and if I were given the task, I will be needing the internet as well, or else I can't do shit. There is no one in the office now except me, but I can't do anything! Can't take a nap, imagine you are a boss, returning to the office and what lays in your eyes is your trainee (internship) dozing off to Never Never Land, so I really have nothing to do but to play the games available on the Windows 7.

Bored - yes
Happy - no
Hungry - yes
Mushrooms - plenty
Money - barely
Sleepy - definitely

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If given a choice, what would you choose? A cool looking race car such as the Ferrari, an American muscle like the Mustang, Japanese muscle Nissan GT-R35, comfort like BMW?
I would like to go for either an BMW (M5) or Nissan GT-R35. But right this moment I would go for Nissan GT-R35 as it serves pretty much everything, good cornering, good traction, and definitely superior comfort.

The ultimate question goes like this, would you like a car which looks cool (stiff suspension - bumpy) or a horrendous one (soft suspention - cushion)? Bumpy being everytime you hit a hole on the road, you really feel it at you butt, cushion on the other hand, when you hit a hole on the road, the suspension acts as a cushion and absorb it instead of your butt. Obviously your butt will still feel it regardless of types of suspension, the difference is to what level is your butt aching like..

So, cushion or bumpy? Cushion gives lousy cornering (dangerous) while bumpy has superb handling (safe). Just imagine a go kart (bumpy + safe), is very safe around the corners, but hurts your butt, while Toyota Harrier (cushion + dangerous) can overturn and kill you in corners, but your butt will be pampered.
So should I opt for comfort?Mix and match of comfort and stiffer suspension? Or just brutal cornerning?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank you Adverlerts

The proposal was definitely awesome, enjoyed our time and our very first experience of a movie Preview as well as adverlets gathering and not to mention first time getting free tickets!! All thanks to Adverlet's Mr. Josh Lim!!

Not to be an a**, but wish to join more of it, movie screening. Hehe, too bad couldn't sit on the twin seat at the back...

Something I stumbled upon while searching some info, I like the song and the story behind it is rather sad, there are numerous versions of the story, among it:

  • She got cancer, and wrote the song
  • Her boyfriend was dead and she commited suicide
  • She commited suicide while leaving this song behind

(said that the boyfriend loves song, and wrote this song as a parting gift and to remember her)

But nonetheless, she has passed on, this is not the original version, but since I know Elmo will be reading and looking, I picked something which is good to learn from, the motion reel thingy! Though I would like it more if the synchronisation between the audio and visual were better.

If the video doesn''t work, you may look it from here 最后一次.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Going to join the adverlet's thingy tomorrow night. Haha. cant wait for it. Going with my Elmo and will enjoy it for sure. This will be 3rd movies in a week!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dreadful day

I feel like shit today, sick! Having a terrible migrain now, maybe I should take the day off, go see a doctor!!

Really feel like shit now!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


For the whole week, or to be exact, three days, my parents could not speak nor explain my brothers condition to anyone except a few family members. But recent days they were talking on and on, especially my dad, we knew the moment he reverted back when he started some of his dirty jokes and lots of non-dirty jokes, now thats what I call true Lee!!
My brother was in the emergency building of University Hospital in Jalan Universiti, he was there since 9.00p.m.++, he was in the 'Resusitasi Ward' or something(Got into an accident, there was a previous wreckage on site, the 2was sent to the hospital, the my brother came across this wrecked site moments later, got a pretty serious head injury, blood flowing outta his head). X-ray was taken about midnight, we had to wait till 4.30a.m. before my brother receive the green light to go in the operation room. Came out at 6.00a.m. and was admited at the 'General ICU' as the ICU for Neuro is currently full! He was moved to the Neuro ICU 2-3 days later, after about a day or so, he was pushed to the outer part of the ICU, meaning he is recovering. The interesting part about my brother was when he was given an injection by the nurse, the nurse said half an hour later to eat, then my brother asked again what is it, the nurse repeat, but my brother said something else, half an hour later kiss. Haha, thats Lee!! My mom commented, my brother would not dare to joke like that with single women/girls, if they were married/old, he would joke around, as he is always shy when infront of single and still availables.
Since the start, he has so many tubes going into his body, when he was pushed out, there was only two tubes, yesterday evening was an even happier moment for mom, he was going to the 6th floor, out of the ICU. Meaning he is recovering well!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today is the awaited awakening, but I am not so sure about it, as my mom did not call me to update me. Doctors said to let him go to sleep for 2days, today is the end of the period, but there are issues to be looked into before the awakening, has his swollen brain got any better? Is his brain able to take it?
Regardless of it, I will head down there later to check on my beloved brother! I will go again on Saturday. Though I might seem rather carefree compared to my other family members, I do care and feel sad about this misfortune. Maybe its just me, I can take anything and live through it, I am not proud of it, yet I am proud of it.
All we can do now is to pray that he will get through this. There are so many things he has yet to accomplish, he is not married, he has not attended my sis and my wedding, he has yet to bring my parents travelling, he has no kids yet. So wake up, you're not young anymore, so get up and start with all this task, we will assist you! We love you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sad day

Some event has occured and marked a dark day in my big familes' life. We were all happy for few years without major incident, but the past days, tears evaporated more than the quantity of coffee I drank. Cheer up, be strong, for yourself and most importantly your family!

All I would like to shout out is that cherish your life, your loved ones, your family, your siblings, your relatives, your friends (online & offline), your co-workers (top, same, below), just cherish everyone!

Pass a smile, it might not mean a lot to you, but it might just change the mood of some, even yourself! By just smiling you have just made your mind feel better, let alone your soul. Pass a smile to everyone you see, even if they are the rubbish collector, maids, cleaner. Its polite and its good!

Thank you for being with me dear, I love you lots, and thanks for understanding, though you always nag and bug and annoy me, but you really was letting me last night. Thanks for the little massage, felt better this morning and it helped me sleep a lot better last night.
Thanks, I love you

Monday, July 6, 2009

3rd year anniversary

We went to Tropicana City Mall, she still thought we were going to 1 Utama. Haha. We never went Tropicana City Mall before, so this is a first for both of us. Upon reaching after driving like a madman, lucky that I made it in time to get my reserved tickets, if I was to be late by 2minutes, gone! So lucky day!
After gettig the car parked, we found something that we enjoyed a long long time ago, but before parking our car, we mentioned that we would park a little further (C1-the corner) and walk (pak-toh). But moments after locking the car, we had a driver fetch us to the entrance! Its those kind that you see on golf course or if you were lucky enough in Sunway Pyramid (we only sat once in Pyramid). Then we went shopping a little while, spotted a ship selling 女人我最大 (a tv show) stuff at a cheap price. So we browse for about 10-20 minutes. We bought 3items for RM10 which include a bubble bra (wash bra in washing-machine, prevent damage), soap holder (heart shaped) and i forgot whats the other thing..

Later we went to have a bite a Subway which was just next to GSC. We grabbed 'Todays Special'
Queeing at the wrong place for popcorn, miss the starting of the TRANSFORMERS 2..... sad....
After finishing the movie, I was hunting for a toilet! Liked the movie so much don't want to miss a single minute of it! So now the consequences! Then we went look look see see and bought a shirt for RM10 then headed to Carrefour.
Finally I bought something I always wanted, olive oil, small but expensive (RM20) and bought a cheap basil leave in a bottle, not the green bottle, (green RM9, grey RM5), since wasted so much on olive oil, save some on the basil. Wanted to buy rosemarry and a few more, but lets leave it to when I have my own home and when I have income. Bought my mayo and going to make my potato salad tomorrow. Yay!! All I need now is a little Coriander.

We then left Tropicana City Mall and lucky again, got a ride back to our car, but soon we had trouble, since I got my parking ticket stamped at the info counter in Carrefour, I head straight out, only to be repied by the machine 'Please pay something something', head back to autopay and it said 'ticket unusable',. went to the office, then only I know that though the parking ticket was scanned at the info counter, still need to scan at the autopay, bla bla bla, since I don't want my mood to be spoilt, just nodded and smile, in the end paid RM2 and off we go!!

I gave hint of steamboat to her, so she assume it was in PJ/Subang area, but she knows its not a Summer.. Suspecting a little too much, she thought our friends will be there too, calling them and interrogating them. Then this guy mentioned he was in Puchong, and then said no no no, he is home (kampung Subang), so someone got even curious especially since I have passed by Sunway (our usual steamboat area) and headed to Puchong. But then I passed the second toll, she began to feel weird, then I shouted 'Bakuteh here I come' (we normally eat Bakuteh at Yap Beng). Then I passed the place, and off to Serdang, and into Jalan 6/1, then I say Jalan Aman and coincidently, Bakuteh! So I said 'yes!!', she heard it, haha. Lets skip all these ya, parked at a bakuteh's carpark area and ate at their competitor's place, a shop next to them, 'Hoi Tong Steamboat'

Wanted to go Little Genting/Wings Cafe, but too full and too lazy.. Haha.. Thus we ended the day there and went back to our home!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Mr. Strunk's famous quote:

"A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary
sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines
and a machine no unnecessary parts."

Stumbled upon this little quote while studying on SEO, it is so simple that it is the truth and what all we want! And I even remember studying Managerial Communication and BSS, the very fundamental and simple yet effective prinsip, KISS!

Ok ok, you can omit the kiss kiss bang bang part, but kiss actually means
Short &
Its true, and I am always reminded by none other than My Gorgeous Girl. No matter in whatever situation, during a talk, conversation, lecture, studying, note taking, driving, playing, the fundamental truth is keep it short and simple.

During note taking, if you don't KISS, you might as well just publish you notes, it might be as thick as the textbook!

When a race is commencing, racers always keep their time short, short time = faster lap, if your time is shorter than your opponent, most likely you are the winner. And racers always KISS the track, takin the shortest and simplest line to achieve shortest time.

Even playing basketball, the simplest move is the most effective, you don't need to go all AND1 and stuff to pass an opponent and score, 1, 2, cross, passed your opponent, make a lay-up. Simple, fast and doesn't consume you too much of your stamina,more stamina than your opponent means better chances of winning.

So in life, KISS! Though simple, not easily adapted, but definitely easily forgotten!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

RON95 at RM1.75

The Star Online posted that two petrol station (Petronas) in Putrajaya is offering RON95 petrol to motorhead and statistic showed that 65% of the visitors are converting to it. And there was a news in the star online last year stating that Malaysia's reserve will deplete somewhere in 2012 to 2015. So I was thinkng, if I get a Hybrid vehicle when I can afford it, maybe in two to three years time, it will be like what, 2012, then the reserve is soon to be depleted, but hey, I have a Hybrid, but the problem is hybrid runs on petrol too, so when no more petrol or when petrol too pricey, my Hybrid is going to run on only electric? Is that even possible? Or lets say I bought my car in 2012 and have to give up on it on 2015, thats just 3years of use paying like few hundred k's for it, OMG!!! So yeah, my topic is, should I get a cheap a** car, good car, hybrid, or none? But I really love car!!!!!!!!! And I love to drive!!!!!

But I really wont mind to drive this BMW 7series Hybrid 4.4 twin turbo. Its said to run on mild hybrid and able to boost 20% on mileage

What is the worse way you can propose marriage to your partner

The worst way to propose to my partner especially is by proposing in a large crowd! Imagine we are partying and I propose on the spot, with music so loud you have to yell at the ear for her to listen. When I propose, she can't hear it, fine then, I took out the ring only to lose it when I was bumped by people around us, there goes the ring.

Now the problem should we go for the ring which costed a fortune or to continue proposing without a ring. Lets break it down

1) Go for the ring
Looking for the ring took quite some time, and my girl is following me while I crawl on the floor looking for it and everytime when I was about to reach it, it got kicked away!!! Finally when I got it, I jumped up, but with a girls skirt with me. And thats what got me punched and kicked and thrown out of the club with my girl. Not giving up, held onto the ring and propose then and there, got a slap, got a hug, got a comment! 'NOT ROMANTIC!! I WANT INFRONT OF A HUGE CROWD AND NOT 3 ALLEY CATS AND 2 BOUNCERS AND 1 BEGGER!!'

2) Propose without the ring
Ignored the ring and continue to yell at her ear, finally she knows what I am saying, finally felt relieve since got the message across, but now its my turn to listen, and guess what, I can't hear her, since she has a softer voice!! Long story short, she wants me to kneel on one foot and propose, I did, but then theres no ring! Found a substitute and used it first, thought gonna explain it after the party! Got slap, got a kick, got a scolding! 'YOU PROPOSE TO ME WITH A #$%^&@ AND EXPECT ME TO ACCEPT, YOU THINK I AM THAT CHEAP OR YOU THOUGHT I WAS DRUNK?!!!'

Now you be the judge.

'Catch The Proposal and find out more about it at advertlets' in the following link

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Potato Salad

I still remember the first time I fell in lve with potato salad was when Kor Kelly did it. I don't really know what they called it, but all I knew was it was gone in a blink of an eye. He is not a chef, but he can make a few dishes better than a chef, just the few la!

After google-ing for sme recipe, local and international, I can't really make them. Sad case, due to ingredient, but it's ok, I will still try and wip up some thing. I can't get parsley, I have no mustard nor sweet relish. All I have is onions, garlic, potato (don't even know what potato it is), cucumber (bought because of the SK Nasi Lemak), and last but not least, mayo.. And Sarawak black pepper and salt of course.

I don't have much money (RM400 a month), and sharing the refridgerator with housemate, so don't want to pack too much stuff in there (they also got thing to put, and scare they curi also, haha). So I have to make do with what I have currently, maybe next time I might buy those bottled parsley and stuff.