Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Youth Says

How to earn a little side income.

Recently I have been joining this website called Youth Says. It was suppose to be a good website, but turns out to be a spamming land where everyone is on a quest to collect Contribution Point (CP), but aside from that, it is a good platform to earn a little side income, as in very little, something like Nuffnang.

Currently I am joining two commercial campaign, where every unique clicks will earn me RM0.20, so if I can get 250 unique clicks for each, I have earned RM100. But the catch is, the campaign payee will only pay a fixed amount, so once that amount is reached, they will no longer pay anyone for anymore unique clicks. Now, the campaign is still ongoing and you can still join.

These two are my current campaigns. Please take a look and help me support ya.

Catch Black Eyed Peas in London
Maggi Mee My Way

You can also see that I've link to some other campaign in Youth Says on the right panel of my blog. Though currently only Maggi and Black Eyed Peas earns me money, but do check out the others to see whether it stirs your interest.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

100th post

Well, recently at FB we were all having a good laugh at KFC's Colonel Sander's long lost twin. Hehe. He is my (Eldest) Uncle, we call him Uncle Long, the coolest uncle we have

Hostel Block 1 kitten reborn

Not too long ago, me and Elmo saw a batch of kittens, cute and adorable, active and playful. And we loved the orange coloured one. Hehe.

This time around, couldn't find them anymore, instead I stumbled upon yet another new batch while buying my Nasi Goreng Tom Yam Pedas.

This time there is no full orange anymore, but they have this one spotted orange black white. Cute but weak, lost in the milk fight. So cute!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shoe-Peed Fart Up Idol-et follow up

This post is a follow up of my previous rant post on Shoe Peed Fart Up Idol-et.

One more thing I can't understand is why park at other people's parking bay, unless you are sure there is no one parking there, even so, some of the visitor's car park have roofs, and its not that far from my parking bay.

Well, this is the visitor car park!

I know this picture is a little blur, but you can actually see the car which parked at my bay from where I was standing, that my friend, proves that it is not very far away from the visitor's bay

After complaining, I assume the guards gave the owner some grace period, they only came and clamp the vehicle in the morning, which was more than 6 hours later. But that car is still there.

You can see the guards there after the sun is quite high in the sky.

And the result of parking at someone else's parking bay without permission nor a sticky note asking to call you or something like that.

Shoe-Peed Fart Up Idol-et

After getting back home, feeling kind of tired, I found this car parked in my parking bay (Cyberia D-23A-A), its ok if you park there for awhile, but at least when you park at someone else's parking bay, please be alert, especially when you hear people honking! When you hear it, the least you could do is come out, say sorry, and move your car as fast as you can. But NO, the owner of this car, has disappeared, and it is almost midnight now and no one has yet to come and drive the car away. 

If you are not going to be able to pay attention when people's honk, or you simply do not plan to care, please park at the designated VISITORS' CAR PARK!! It is not actually very far from my parking bay anyway! I really don't understand why people like to park at someone's parking bay and just go away like it is his/hers. I swear, if I was not so civilised, I would puncture three of his tyre and make sure I empty his engine oil, all I need to do is get a container, large enough to contain about 4litres of liquid, and unbolt the nut which is accessible to anyone if you would just bend down and look under the engine bay of most car. 

But being the person I am, I am giving this person a grace period, if he/she don't move it away by the time I finish this post, I would have no choice but to go and get the security and clamp his/her car. And those who hold a the VISITOR PASS, are not even allowed to be in Cyberia after MIDNIGHT!

I took the liberty of getting an insurance if anything were to happen to my car in the coming future if the car below is clamped for parking in my parking area (they can just come and have their sweet revenge at my car since my car would be naked to their attacks), by snapping the following pictures. 

As you can see the parking bay next to mine is D-23-B

And so, the end, I am going to ask the security to clamp his car now. Though it will pose a problem to me as I have to WALK to the guard house which is at the front, but at least it will cure my rage for now!

You can read the follow up at Shoe-Peed Fart Up Idol-et follow up 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Date Night

One of my most memorable nights with my girlfriend is at Genting Highland. It was during my birthday, it was a very nice day albeit all the misfortune that we had, but maybe because of these misfortunes, it was even more memorable than the typical happy nights we had.

First of, we went into the theme park, wanted to play all those exciting games, but in the end, we chickened out, but the embarrassing thing was that there was a few little girls who wanted to play but couldn't due to height. So we were like .......

After that we went to catch a movie, though expensive, watching a movie in Genting was new to us, and since it was my birthday, we decided to watch the latest movie, couldn't really remember the title, but all I remembered was it tried to copy the movie 'Blair Witch Project' and FAILED! Halfway through the movie, we heard people complaining, and later on, people started leaving due to headache. We stayed till the end, but what we got was also a headache ending, to make things worse, my contact lens decided to make the back of my eye its new home, adding more headache to me.

On the way back to the hotel, due to a already slippery shoe, my girlfriend slipped down nearly pulling me as well. And we got laughed by the workers who were responsible, they were watering the flowers, and by some unknown reasons, the walkway was all wet.

In the end, when we got back to the hotel room and cut my cake, what hit us was that we had even more things to talk about then the usual happy nights. And until today, though we always complain about that night, but we both know and understand that it was a very memorable and special night for us.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cool Advertisement

I know I don't usually blog about marketing stuff, but hey, I am a marketing student you know. Stumbled upon something refreshing, but before that, let me tell you a little something.

I'm not sure whether you guys aware or not, but sometime ago, along the stairs of KTM in Mid Valley, they put up an interactive ad, as you walk down the stairs, you can read the conversation between two or more people, that was a briliant idea to me at first, but after a few times passing by, it ommph factor fades quickly.

Then there was a time when there was a boom in the ala 3D style billboard, where they turn the big fat pole into part of the billboard, some billboard even do it like there is really someone above the billboard shocked! I find this most amazing, simple yet effective.

If you guys drive along LDP, nearby the 222, you might have noticed the bright Yellow VW hanging by a thread on top of the building, that is also a success to my sense. I even remembered seeing one which resembles the VW'g gimmick, paint, three different colours of paint spilling out from the top of the roof, and splashing all the way to the car park below, it turns in usual dull & pale looking building into something attractive and catchy even from miles away. The best part is, visitors to the company will be in for a shock, as the paint that I mention, remember I said it spilled from top of the building to the car park below, it covered a total of three dummy car, though they wasted three car parks, but the impression last forever!

Ok, now into the real thing, when FB-ing, I saw another interesting ad style, incorporating lights into the  boring static ad type. The brilliant part is it will lead you to read on whether you know it or not. Unless you've seen the ad, I believe you would somehow with intention or accidentally read it, it lights up word by word, and gives a slight pause, and then, well, I think just text is useless ya, so here you go, a video for your viewing.

If you would like to see more, read more, know more, and lazy to google for more, click on the following links to find out more ok. They really have all sides, from web site to social media to video media.
Eluminous Media Website
Luminous Media Facebook
Luminous Media Blog
Luminous Media Youtube

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TSF The Spaghetti Farm

This is a super late post. Recently lazy to post, finally dug my gut out to posting food again.

TSF which stands for The Spaghetti Farm serves well, spaghetti, it is owned by Italian restaurateur Beppe De Vito and we have tasted it and concluded that it is the best spaghetti we ever had yet, even better then the usual pizza hut's and those serving western foods! The quality of the spaghetti, the smoothness of the sauce, all I can say is that I want more, if only the price is less. You can also visit their website at TSF-The Spaghetti Farm website

Once you have place your order, you will get a number, and on the table, there will be three things for you, chilli powder, cheese powder and Tabasco sauce. YUMMY!!

Then if your with me, you will see a pretty girl posing and waiting for picture time

You gotta start with the soup right, it is loved by ^her^, but to me, its kind of good, but not great

And then the spaghetti!!

Good: Everything (spaghetti, sauce, service, time)
Bad: Price (RM8.80+- for a bowl of spaghetti, if cheaper would be better though)

If you are wondering where it is located, you can find it in Mid Valley Megamall. Refer to the menu, address and picture below for your reference.

The Spaghetti Farm
LG-049 & 050
Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur 58000
T: (03) 2287 1798

Restaurant Hours:
Open Daily

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dad's birthday

Just celebrated dad's birthday recently, though its kind of a late post, but here it is

We went PJ for dinner, if I'm not mistaken, nearby Eric's home, the guy whom Elmo interviewed for one of her assignment.After dinner we went home for the cake, it was supposed to be served at the restaurant itself, but everyone was too full thus allowing the tummy to rest while on route home. 

Assortments of candle sis bought which cost less than RM1 each. The rascal Chloe wanted to use train instead of the aeroplane.

Sis busy preparing while Chloe busy 'kepoh-ing'

Cake Cutting

After all that, me and Elmo went back to Cyber

Cyberjaya Drift 20th March 2010

Again caption only post.

The track

Feinto D

Goodyear Racing team's Jane

Goodyear Racing's Michael


The prettiest car I saw the whole day, Nissan Fairlady! (Elmo's Fav)

FX Open's RX-7 FC3S I think

Exo X

Skyline GT-R34

Bridgestone's Ivan Lau in his Toyota AE86, in the training session he was superb, inches away from the clipping points. (ps: I don't see his bumper flying around, maybe in the race itself? Haha)

Next up we have Goodyear Racing's Jane (she suffered from gearbox problem)

I'm not sure who this is, but this FX Open sponsored is darn good as well

If you are into drift, I believe you would know this guy, Tengku Djan

And this was what I got for sitting to near to the track so early, I was basically sitting from the start of free run for Group A. Though I left when Group B started their free run, so if you want to know, I did not watch finish the race due to some event.