Friday, January 14, 2011

New addition to the family, Milo the toy poodle

Well everyone, meet our new pet, Milo the toy poodle. He is just 3months + now.And going for another vaccination shot soon. Just cant find the right time.

Anyways, more updates on him in the future

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer became Proton Inspira, Toyota Camry becomes?

Inspira came from Lancer is not anything new. 

Nor is the fact that you see a Proton Wira bearing the Mitsubishi badge. I always find it very discomforting when I see those Wira being modded and then they simply removed the Proton emblem and replaces it with Mitsubishi. 

Now, imagine these two scenarios
A) Taking a piece of shit and covering it in Gold
B) Taking a gold brick and covering it with Shit

I would usually say (A) goes to those people who put on those Mitsu badge over their proton.
But I have always thought why no one did the other way around, especially when the Inspira was launched, I thought will there be any Lancer or Evo X owner who put on a proton badge over their Mitsu. Now that will be (B).

Sadly, or perhaps lucky, I never found anyone doing that. But the same cant be said for the Toyota Camry. Picture as belows.

Will you do that to your car? Imagine Ferrari puts on the Perodua badge and fits the KANCIL word at the rear.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Air Asia Crashed?

'Now everyone can fly'

The above line has been used vigorously, and just by hearing it, you will know that it is Air Asia. 

That aside, I believe many has been boarding Air Asia recently especially for the year end trip, christmas, balik kampung, (my cousin's wedding), and soon to come CNY. This may come to a shocking news to many especially to those who frequently travel, the images of a crashed Air Asia. Rumours has it that it happen in Kuching, so now Elmo might have more of a shock, especially since she just came back from Kuching not too long ago, and going again end of this month.

So enough talk and type, below is the one and only picture I have, lazy to search, lazy to verify whether this is a true thing or just photochopped.

A funny thing which I did manage to read was that instead of Air Asia's NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY, some netizens has joke on it and said 'NOW EVERYONE CAN CRASH'
Just to note, this just might be another accident like the recent bus crashes, but let just hope this is the last accident for the year 2011! And just so you know, don't blame Air Asia, cause Tony is not the one piloting you know. LOL

Long long ago, in going to T. Sepat

Lazy to write up, so mainly short description and lots of pictures.

Look at that pineapple, I don't really like to eat pineapple, other than as a supplement to other food, but this one here got me started (for awhile that is)

Notice how 'BIG' this pineapple is.

They even have pineapple chilli sauce

Saw this little lion (shih tzu) in Ganofarm

Then we went to Hai Yew Heng, the famous pau in Kuala Langat, or known as 'TANJUNG SEPAT PAU'

Oh, notice the number on the right, to those who can't read chinese, the words means Malacca, and that particular reflects my uncle.Ah Nam Q, he source his pau here, and sells it along with his delicious fish ball soup and some yong tau fu, at night, he sells ikan bakar with two options, nyonya or sambal sauce.

'KWO ZHA B COFFEE' near the tanjung sepat pau

Bought one each, and loved them

I don't know why, but this particular guys keep trying to play with me.

And soon this kitten too

My favourite thing to look for now, available in Morib, loved it and love it still.