Friday, March 11, 2011

A very creative photography

Recently stumbled upon several blogs, among them are, well, 2 guys with some rather good sense of humour, though I hate their shit post, literally, the shit!

and another one is sisters, I believe it was started due to the mother, the little girls grandmother, girls are always sick, so is the grandmother, so the best way to update and show their growth is by updating online, really like the story and also the creativeness!
Aside from the above two blog, I also enjoy reading Miao, a Kuching cat in Malacca.

Well, all three blogs above to me is of the very best, I especially enjoy reading comical type of blog, especially by Miao, I love them due to the fact that they are very interesting, full of pictures, and most if not all of their post is not about ads.

Enjoy reading them!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Worn out!

Was having my weekly dose of good basketball game. I enjoy playing here as it is quite competitive and the people are good here. But most of all, its an indoor court.

Well, the day started with me with my worn out shoes, well, the above ain't mine, but you get the picture. I think next week onwards it will be me and a new pair. Need sometime to break into the shoes fast.

The first thing I notice when arriving at the court is that it was hot! We already opened some of the windows, well, that is what we normally do, but this time we felt its hotter then usual. Everyone was getting tired faster then usual, then half-way through the game, I finally know why, the air-cond was off, somehow someone went and switched it on, but after a few more games, it was switched back off.

Every-time after the game, I have to climb to the fourth floor, back home, no lift... But yesterday, when going up, I can feel my knees shaking and I can't extend them fully, god it hurts. Then my back hurt so damn much too. Especially near the waist there, above my butt! But all in, it is a very good game.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chinese vs Western med

remarks: C = Chinese medication, W = Western medication

This post was inspired by one of my cousin, well, her husband was supposed to go for a dialysis but ended up not going. I am not so sure about the whole deal as I just learnt it not too long ago via facebook, through reading some of their comments.

Well, just to state the obvious, I am not pro-W nor am I pro-C. I have a neutral and logical standpoint on medication.

It is true that we always get the rumours that C is always better then W. Their reasoning is pretty simple, it is similar to the saying 'good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good', I am not referring to the prices between C and W, instead its the effect, like how they say eating W will make you drowsy because of bla bla bla, and W only cures the symptoms and not the cause.
C - aims at the cause, gives less side-effect, takes longer to cure, better in the long-run.
W - aims at the symptom, give more side-effect, takes less time to show result, not so good in the long-run.

All these are basically experiences passed from one to another, I do not doubt that it is true as sometimes i do feel that way too. But bear in mind that there are no certified studies that support nor condemn it, so all these things we should take it with a pinch of salt.

In my personal thought, C is the best, W is also the best, they are the best in their respective way.
C - Good if you have the time, patients and health.
W - Good if you already diagnosed with something (which is bad)

So by having a good C, chances of needing W will be reduced. In a simple way:
C - Turns a healthy person healthier.
W - Turns a sick person healthy or just to get rid of that sickness.

My take in medication is that C is like supplements, take it regularly and make yourself stronger, but when we are sick, we need to get with it fast, so W is good here. And if I am right, I read an article about fusion medication a few years back, where they take the best of both and implement it. This just proves that none are perfect, and both has it flaws. Sometimes, we should disregard the superstitious and look into the facts, real hard proven facts, not something random facts from others, well, it may be true, you heard about that 2 success stories, but did you heard of the 200 unsuccessful ones?

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