Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Recently been dining out a lot. And this also happened recently which is the service is getting lousier as the days go by, well, this excludes those really nice dining places like tony and etc. But I mean Pizza Hut and Kenny, they also suppose to have great floor staff. You can check the PIZZA rant if you want, but this is about KENNY. 

I mean intial service was good, though this time we weren't given a choice of seat, we wanted 'that' clean side table, instead we were brought to the middle table, well, no complaints. The real issue arise when I noticed the table opposite of us receive their Muffin after they almost finish their plates, and the Muffin only arrive after the soup. Well, I just thought maybe they requested for the muffin to come in like that. But on our side, imagine what we were served first, NOT MUFFIN, NOT DRINKS, its the main course that came first. Then we asked where are our drinks and muffin, hence we had to wait, though not long, but enough for the not hot meal to turn even cooler. Now I was thinking is there much difference from those Ayamas or those chicken sold at Jusco. 

Well, other things were all below average, but at least they were a lot better than PIZZA HUT!

I know I have been complaining a lot, but at least don't you think we deserve a better service when we are paying that much, heck, I even get my drinks first when I eat at hawker center, sometimes even if I opt for the economy rice, the drinks will be there before me getting to the table.

Friday, November 19, 2010

F&B: [COMPLAIN] Pizza Hut

Well, me and Elmo likes to dine in Pizza Hut, my meal always vary from salad to pizza to pasta. But faithful Elmo only orders Pizza, occasionally pasta.We dine at Pizza Hut at least once a fortnight, but its more to like once or twice in a week. So the nearest and most convenient outlet is the one in Giant Kinrara, which is not too far from BUKIT JALIL POLICE STATION, if you know where the Mercedes Benz in Kinrara, or the Indian Temple, its around that area, you can't miss this Giant, its a 'giant'.

Well, the issue is that we have been eating here for like two months, meaning our visits are totaling up to 10 visits, until we can even recognize the floor staff.

Well, there shouldn't be much of a problem since Pizza Hut is a chain and the service should be more or less the same as other outlets, and the services we receive should be the same. Having a regular patron of PIZZA HUT since we were in MMU, we went to so many outlets before, nearly every Pizza Hut outlet in Malacca, the one in Port Dickson, Klang Valley etc. We came to understanding that not all outlet has the same quality of food, example is that Pizza Hut in Aeon (Jusco) Equine Park has the worst Pasta, but the one outlet in Malacca (now closed) serves the best pasta! The taste is just perfect and we like the meatball, there are meatball!!! But the one in Equine Park don't serve with meatballs, even after we made a complain to the floor staff. Well although they serve terrible pasta, at least their service is good and the salad bar is always filled.

Now the main purpose of this PIZZA HUT post is to rant about the outlet in Giant Kinrara. I have yet to see more than 4 floor staff on the night shift (we always dine there for dinner), its usually the Indian lady (who seems qualified to be Manager), the malay guy, and two Bangla (where one always goes missing and the other one handles problems, when order screw up, they send the Bangla to talk, not cause he is tough, but mainly for the communication barrier.). They are virtually understaffed, I've never experienced a clean table, they never have enough time to clean up, although the only good part is that we only need to sit for about 2-5 minutes before we are given the menu and wait another few minutes when we signal them for order. We grew accustomed to it already.

But yesterday, was the limit, I mean this is not the first time it happened, I got my breadsticks last, after almost finishing up my PIZZA!! And you guess what happened to the soup, Elmo finished hers, and mine became cold, we like to dip the breadsticks into the hot soup! We even had to hunt for sauces in the outlet, and some of the patrons are racing with each other to get to that bottle of Tabasco! Our pizza was also charred, not just a little, I can even taste it, even the onion and chicken was kind of black already. And no, its not the sauce, its burnt and I can be sure of it, as I always did that while cooking myself. I found a strand of hair on my slice of Pizza, its way too long to be my hair, and its way too short to be Elmo's. The table around us are all empty, not because there are no customers, but its due to the lack of clean table, I can still see the leftover pasta and the table next to us. There were also complain from the other patrons, and how they (Pizza Hut's floor staff) settle it, send the Bangla and give him a menu, the one responsible will be charged with cleaning the table while being out of view. All I remember was the war was won by the patron and I saw the Bangla took back one of their pizza.

I need to justify, sometimes its not just the floor staff at fault, sometimes the kitchen staff is at responsibility, we even faced getting wrong pizza (kitchen mistake, not wrong table mistake), our pizza somehow ended up missing and had to wait more than 40 minutes. I mean if floor staff key in the order, the kitchen staff should just follow it, and they shouldn't miss a thing, like our late breadsticks for example. 

I guess I have written too much text, so lets just let bygone be bygones.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

F&B: [ITALIAN] Italian Cone Pizza Part 2

The following pics are from the page next to the comic. I will wrap things up with this post (hopefully)
If you want to read part 1, its at ITALIAN CONE PIZZA 1

 Well, I guess I am the only person with a weird habit of reading through all these things, anyway


The following is the menu

This is what's so special the ITALIAN CONE PIZZA 

The Italian Cone Pizza's available dimension. 


Elmo's Spaghetti thing, forgot what was it, I think should be Carborana. 

This is my Cone Pizza, Fiery something. 

Yeah, I know its small, but if you are not that hungry, its actually quite nice, I wasn't hungry at all that time, was just thinking of snacking, and this was just the perfect one. 

Please, I know my skills suck, but hey, I am no dedicated food blogger with proper camera. All I have is HP. 

One of the 2 side dish, I ordered this so everyone can enjoy it as well. 

This is another I enjoyed, meatball!

The place.

The reason why its empty was because its late, we were the last customer to leave, not long after snapping this pic, the staffs are starting to keep all the sauces. 

Long post but had to finish this ITALIAN CONE PIZZA post.
If you want to read part 1, its at ITALIAN CONE PIZZA 1

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

F&B: [ITALIAN] Italian Cone Pizza Part 1


As I have said, coming posts will be on F&B.
This is a little long one, so I will break it up into two or three parts.

I will start off with what caught me in the menu, sorry for the poor quality of photo, its the best I can do with my W810i. Unless someone decides to sponsor me a new one or I get a better paying job.

The thing that caught my eyes was a COMIC STRIP! Really enjoyed it, and it filled in the waiting time. Anyways, while waiting for the pizza, I decided to snap the Italian Cone Pizza's comic, while doing that, I was keeping a lookout just in case the staff comes and forbid the pictures. Hehe, lucky me, they didn't.

This is the Margherita Story

Well, hope you were able to read it. I had a little enjoyment of reading this comic strip in the Italian Cone Pizza's menu. And through that, I felt like I have gained insight on Pizza, I know its history, the HISTORY OF ITALIAN PIZZA! Now I can brag that I know everything about pizza, of maybe at least the Margherita Story in the menu only. hehe. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

F&B: [wESTERN] Tony Roma's

I haven't been posting on food for quite sometime, and I have too many pictures of food taken recently. I think in the next few post, it will be mostly about foods, this is all thanks to the push by Submeryn's Chili's post.

Recently, me and Elmo have been eating good food, by good food I mean food which we don't normally indulge because of the price. lol... Its being like an every weekend thing.

When comparing with Burger King, Carl's Junior, against TGI, Chili's, its hands down the second team wins. But recently, I tried Tony, and they offer the option of done~ness for your patty, its either medium rare or medium done, guess what I chose? Of course medium rare.

Enough of text and now for the pics

Her drink, I can't remember, I think its something with pineapple and yogurt.

This is mine, Classic Iced Lemon Tea

Elmo's meal, some chicken dish, the chicken was grilled and it was nice though a tad too dry (no gravy/sauce)

Thats Elmo munching away

 Now this is mine!! Couldn't remember the name though (thats what happens when I delay blogging too long)

 The following images might make you don't want to eat anymore, so view at your own risk, its basically of what I have munched, after taking a few bites, I notice it to be very different from any burger I tasted, hence the attempt to take a pic from other "angle"

Nope, its not steak, thats the patty from my burger which I sliced. But trust me, the colour looks so much better. I love the texture and it doesn't feel dry/tasteless! MEDIUM RARE ROCKS! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big breast good for boss!

Many of you will agree that girls who have good figures (especially breast), seems to have a special place in the bosses heart.

But I believe this particular big "heart" cashier is loved by her employer even more than the rest, one of the main reason is that she has help to earn more revenue by just using her pair of breast.

Do you want to know how?
Well one thing is for sure, I don't have the picture of that cashier if you were wondering how big is it. But I have something for you.

For more, go to

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10 day old dolphin

November 4 tourists vacationing in Uruguay, was found on the beach a little delfinenka with traces of a fishing net on the body. Fortunately, the baby was saved - it passed in the caring hands of local professionals Marine Reserve 

Apparently, this kid is only 10 days old. Unfortunately, the mother of the little dolphin can not find, so employees of the organization «SOS Fauna Marina» feeding him milk from a bottle

Great crested penguin with interest see the salvation of delfinenka in his new home - Marine Reserve, located in the town of Punta Colorada, in the department of Maldonado, Uruguay

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Darren Ng of SG (The following contains some graphics so please don't read if you cant take it)

As some of you might have heard the staring incident, a lot were arguing that why stare and such. Well, sometimes you just can't help but take a slightly longer peek, lets just say Darren here was just unfortunate.

If you have been following this news, 369 won't sound off to you, but for those who don't know, when the incident of 10 vs 1 (Darren) was concluded with his death, one guy shouted in Hokkien 369 something, can't really remember the exact words though, but what most assume is that 369 is a clan thing hence the gangster like attitude! Come on la, people stare and you kill. WTF!

Anyways, RIP

Monday, November 1, 2010


No, its not the binary code, rather its the date for today! 01-11-10 1st November 2010.

Have seen lots of nice dates this year, dates as in calender number alright. There was the 080910, then 101010, then 20102010, now we have 011110.