Sunday, December 13, 2009


Stupid Multimedia Marketing assignment taking a little detour, just when I thought everything was going smoothly, some hiccup occurs, and one thing led to another, we ended up parting from the meeting not too long ago, I assume around 5.20am.

Well too bad I left Macromedia Dreamweaver MX a long time ago, else, I will be able to finish up what everyone is trying to do for the past week in a maximum time of five days!

Well, the whole project (assignment) requires us to benchmark a company and help to improve a company using the benchmark. We used MUEBLES (Rattan Furnishing) as the lousy one, and benchmarked it against IKEA. OMG!!

But we had to make sure we get this into your head!

The rattan we are talking about is not your typical aunty type of furniture. So now you get the picture of what type of rattan that we (MUEBLES) are selling, so rest assure that the website is also rather nice instead of boring.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dragon Drift!!

Title is weird yet catchy, haha. Well, recently lazy to blog, primarily due to three things!
1) Assignment
2) Studying Jap (excuse)
3) Gaming

If I were to break down the mentioned into percentage, 25%, 5%, and 70% respectively.
Haha!! Who am I kidding, I don't really study, but do so if needed. Our MUEBLES are finishing soon, in other words, assignment complete!!!

Recently have been playing an Role Playing Game (RPG) game, Dragon Age: Origins. Like all other RPG games, you have to choose primarily between a melee (close combat), range or magic. Well that goes same with this game, and we also have to choose to be either Human, Elf or Dwarf, currently playing Human, in Human there are 2 modes, normal or Nobel, well, I didn't know that I can be a normal citizen instead of a Nobel until half way through the mission. A really fun game, to be honest, it have been a long time since I last played an RPG game, I think the last might be either Diablo or Final Fantasy X-II. What this game is cool about is that the story progresses depending on how you want it to, or so I think. But most of the game nowadays are like that already, so that proves that I am really outdated! Here are some screens!

If you are wondering, NO, I don't own a PS3, though James do, I'm playing it using my PC.

Strangely I never saw this screen before

Instead, this is the screen that normally appears

Haven't played till here yet, so no idea who are them!

Aside from gaming, really wish to go for the Formula D at Serdang this 19-20 December 2009. More details at Formula Drift. This time due to its hugeness (organized by ESPN Star Sport - I think), I can't attend, since it needs $$ (tickets). Well, it s*cks when you don't have much disposable income like me. Here are some pics

See the price! When last time I went to the one at Shah Alam Stadium near Tesco Extra (formerly Makro), it was free. Under the sun and very small event la of course

The guy in black is Goodyear Malaysia Bhd's Managing Director, Nasution Abdul Rahman

If I'm not mistaken, he just bought an R34, and was coached on the basics of drifting by Jane and Ariff. Then he performed a doughnut in an AE86, he did it primarily for an event or so.

Goodyear Drift Malaysia Drift team!

This is a picture from Formula D Thailand!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


OkOkOkOkOkok? -elmo

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Well, the recent Nuffnang contest for the movie Sherlock!! A really cool movie based on the Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. Other than Avatar, I think this will be the movie to be watched, alongside with 2012. Great way to end a year!!

Well, you can check out more on Nuffnang's Sherlock post.


Sakae Sushi

A late post, it occurred right before we (me, Elmo, Little Karen, and Derick) went to watch 2012!

The stacks, well, actually Little Karen was the one who was really eating, me and Elmo order noodles while she was eating all these sushis! Look at how tall is the stack, slightly taller then the 'Sho Yu' bottle.

I had a little fun of my own as well, playing with the conveyor belt, there was two layer, one on top and one below, of course I could not play with the top one. So I played with the bottom one, putting a few sushi next to each other, and place the car sushi at the front, snapped a pic but somehow the pic is not with me, oh well.

Then right behind us (me and Elmo), this cute pal was there. Salivating was expected, yet, very friendly, we played and laughed and smiled for awhile until he started to climb the conveyor belt. The mom had to take all the sushi away and pass it to the dad to put it back on the conveyor belt so that this rascal won't step, snatch, push or whatever thing on those expensive sushis.

Overall the food at Sakae Sushi was great, but pricey. I like the way where we can order from the monitor available at the table, with a click of the mouse, your order will arrive fairly soon. The only down part was that there are three confirmation clicks, but that is also a good thing, so it is practically impossible for you to accidentally order something!