Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Failed again...

Needless to say, the project on the hunt has failed. But fret not, it was a great idea and I will definitely continue it once in awhile. Maybe when I have the time or passion during travel. Or perhaps all I need now is a partner in crime to do all the hunting together.

Anyway, for the time being, all I can do is move forward, same goes to my life, am taking quite a gamble now. But looking at my age, I believe its ok, most people around here don't have the chance, so worse case that could have happen is me losing a few months or 2 years max. But even in failing, there is an advantage to it as well.

Lets be a little more positive, if I do succeed, this will be a very important point in my life. Due to some privacy issue, lets keep this a secret for now, depending on the situation, might or might not reveal whats really going on, but I believe you've guessed it right, its my future/career related. And congratulations for guessing it right, you just won yourself nothing. =)

Happy reading, till the next post/comment.

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