Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sushi King's Big Bowl Challenge

Yesterday me and Elmo went to Sushi King at Equine Park Jusco. Reason why we went there was to get our mooncake which was promised as well as getting dinner for little karen. Needless to say, after buying the mooncake, I saw something!! So we ended up in Sushi King. I saw SUSHI KING'S THE BIG BOWL CHALLENGE! Well, I though I would give it a try, worse comes to worse, I will just down the whole thing down, since the bowl is just a few inches larger than my bowl. Hehe

And here is the dish that I chose.
Big Bowl Noodle (Udon).
Upon serving the Big Bowl, Elmo was so shocked!
Well, here is the aerial view.

Another view
Looks kinda normal right, thats what I thought too, so I used something to measure!
Upon starting the challenge, the waitress was kind enough to let the Udon chill a little. Once I am ready, the clocks starts to tick tock away.
While I was busting my gut eating, Elmo was enjoying her sushi.
Well, in the end, I failed, I might just not be an Udon fan, but I suspect something is wrong, the Udon felt like overcooked maggi on the outside undercooked spaghetti on the inside. Yuck!

And the worse part was the soup, I had soy soup before, but this is the worst, I feel like they just mix water and soy, no cooking etc. Or maybe after gunning down almost the all of the Udon, I just felt sick about the Soup!

I gave up at around 2minute.
After 10minutes, this was left.
And we left smiling and laughing with me being fat and my wallet being thin.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JTP with Mika (event update)

Well, lets kick start a little with my adorable Speedy!
She loves her brocoli!!

Well, here we are after getting lost on the way to Quattro, thanks Au-Yong for helping!!

There was this funny thing that happened. While waiting for Mika's arrival (waited for more than 1hour), we went to the toilet, after coming out of the toilet, guess who bumped into us on the way out, MIKA!! Well, not bumped la, unless you want all his bodyguard flying onto you, we just passed by each other, the LOL part was, saw him in the most unexpected places, would you bump into F1 driver while coming out of the toilet?
My guess, no. Haha

Kk, here are some of Elmo's pic

Elmo with JTP supercar!!
This is a pic of me and my Elmo.
The only thing that I really wanted was these! I liked the Ham and CHEESE sausage!!
Am not a drinker, so stoped at 4th or 5th JD.
Here are a few pics taken, sorry for bad quality, nobody loaned me camera.

Umm, Supercar's side mirror, helps in aero!
This was the whole event all about.
Air vents
Oppsss, pay attention to the pipes and not the people.
Need I explain?
O.Z Racing, if you know cars, you know whats this
Yes, its the rim
Front view of JTP Supercar
Look at the suspension there!
I like the LED, wonder can I put it on my car?
Rear view look of JTP Supercar.
Again, thanks to Nuffnang for giving this fabulous opportunity, too bad couldn't be one of the three to get the free ride in JTP Supercar, first question required a pair of shoelaces with the answer, second and third forget what already.

Friday, September 11, 2009

JTP with Mika

Its tomorrow!! Come join in the fun, at Sunway. And going to the event at quattro!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mika Hakkinen, JTP Super Car


I have made some errors on the post OMGOMG!!! JTP Supercar Ride in SIC!!! and Join The Pact.

I mentioned that Mika will be at Sunway Pyramid on 13th September 2009, well, that is the error on my behalf, it is actually on 12th September 2009, sorry for any inconvinience!! (Thanks to Nuffnang for pointing it out for me!)

Well, on a side note, I was invited to the event by Nuffnang on 12th September, and no, its not at Sunway Pyramid, the details is as follows:
Date: 12 Sept 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 8pm till 11pm
Venue : Quattro, Avenue K

Catch Mika Hakkinen and the JTP Super Car along with our local celebrities such as Reshmonu, Owen Yap, Hentry Golding and many more during the event. It will be free flow of drinks during the event.

But here comes the problem, I don't own a SLR, or any digi cam for that matter, all I have is my handy L6i's 1.3 megapixel phone cam. No flash no nothing, not even memory card, and my memory is always full!!! So anyone is kind enough to lend me your DSLR??

And another problem is, where is Quattro??? How to get there??? After googling for 3 seconds (you got to love google), I think its at/nearby KLCC. Hmm, the only KL place I know how to go is Mid Valley, is that even in KL yet? Ok ok, I also know how to go KL Sentral, but thats it. So dear lord, lets not get lost and arrive at 11pm. I don't mind going early arriving early, I will kill some bugs if I leave early reach late. Hehe

Any tips on how to get there?

p/s: Thank you Nuffnang for the fabulous chance!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hamster: Speedy (debut)

Well, the above is obviously not my hamster, I don't have those type of camera to get such high quality shots, but below are my beloved Speedy (WinterWhitePearl). Currently still not eating/drinking much, the only thing she eats from my hand is carrot, but after a few bites she will run away, still afraid of me. So maybe have to wait a little more. Give it more time.

Below is a pic where I used Elmo's handphone strap to toy with Speedy.

Here is a side view of Speedy. She looks kinda chubby, well she is. Hehe

This is a picture of her right after handing her the carrot.

She suspects something amiss, felt strange.

Into one of her sanctuary, I don't know why, but she likes to squeeze into tight spots, and she hids some of her foods there, weird thing is, she don't eat the Kuachi (sunflower seed) that I hand feed her. Maybe still scared of us perhaps.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

COD-ing Hamster today!!

Finally going to get my beloved hamster after so long. Today Elmo not going to accompany me, but little Karen will. Hehe. Cant wait to go get it la!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


These are among the babies I will be taking home this coming Saturday, I really wanted the darker shade one, and to make it worse, it is a male, which what I had hoped for, the problem is, me and my GF (Elmo) wanted to buy two hamsters, but there is only one male. So ended up taking two females, one of them is B, and another one I leave it up for the owner to choose for me.

Well this is the close up look, B is pure white with no dorsal stripe at the back, I think they call these kinds Winter White Pearl Pure White, or something like that.

Well here is she eating on the palm of the owner (which is going to be ex-owner, haha)

This picture was posted in a few post back, just wanted to throw in a few more hamster pictures, have trouble uploading another 5, so instead, I uploaded the old ones. Hehe. Aint them cute

Well, here you can see how tame they are, the moment you put your hand anywhere reachable to them, they will climb onto it. Hehe

Well cant wait for Saturday to arrive!
Things to do on Saturday
--)Go to work
--)Go fetch little Karen
--)Bring along a cloth to shade the hamster on the way back (avoid direct sun)
--)Go Pet Family at Taman Megah
--)COD with IcedNyior:
----->Living World Leakproof Small Animal Bottle 4oz
----->Living World Exercise Ball (medium)
----->Hamster Bathroom
----->Silent Wheel
--)COD with LalaBubbles:
----->Two Winter White Hamster (Female pearl)
----->One Unit of Habitrail OVO pad + the water thing
----->One Unit of Habitrail OVO maze
--)Go into Pet Family to get some supply:
----->Breeder Celect bedding
----->Oxbow hamster food
----->Hamster treats
--)Head straight home!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new shoes

Well, finally had some time to blog on my shoes.

You know the average cost of And 1 basketball shoes in Malaysia cost? Well, I got no discount, so it cost roughly RM350-RM500. I had bought a four/five pairs including my most recent addition, And 1 Diamond Mid.

My last two pairs which I bought on togather (same day different shop) was
1. Lockdown Mid
2. Onslaught

I bought the Lockdown Mid just to play basketball using it, it was cheap, it was either on a 30% or 50% discount, bought it at Sungai Wang. Then I bought another one just for casual wear, that one no discount, bought at Summit USJ's And 1, all my basketball shoes were bought here except for the Lockdown Mid. The one I bought was Onslaught. When I buy 2pairs of basketball shoes, what I had in mind was, use one for basketball and another for casual, when the first pair has given out, I will use the second pair as my basketball shoe and buy a third pair for casual, and it goes on and on. Well, when my Lockdown Mid was dead, I used my Onslaught, damn, I really didn't want to use it, its just to pretty to be wasted! So I went on hunting for a new pair, low in cash, so I went to Admiral to buy one, in the end, it was not suitable for basketball as the shoe is too stiff and can't flex. So I had to use my Onslaught, I was devasted at first, but as times goes on, I can see the bottom was thinning out. And soon, it was almost as smooth as a marble.

Ok,. enough with story, this is how my ONSLAUGHT looks like

And the most recent addition, my AND 1 DIAMOND MID (colour - Varsity Red)

It is quite comfy actually, and I was able to post better using this Diamond Mid, though I can run faster using the Onslaught, since I am a sprinter, but due to my size, I am always asked to post. But I like driving to the basket and I make basket!! But then again, we have no good Centre, so I had to post up to take advantage. Hehe