Friday, October 19, 2012

LTE network in Malaysia? When?

To those who have been using DiGi should have noticed that their network is not really improving even after doing the network swap to LTE. DiGi is the first telco in Malaysia, ahead of Celcom & Maxis to implement this system, but even though we have an LTE ready towers, is the technology available yet in Malaysia, especially when both Maxis and Celcom are not doing anything yet. BUT NOW

Celcom has came up and announced their turn to do this swapping, I wonder, will they face the same complications as DiGi or will they be smart enough to have tackled the problems before hand, but thing is, there is always the on the ground issues to pop up, now we will see how well Celcom's management is by how fast/efficient they tackle the problems that will arise.

Now for the more interesting question, how will Maxis capitalize on this when both DiGi and Celcom is still in this transition period? Making more lucrative plans and locking down their postpaid subscribers with at least 12 months contract, that would be a good thing to lock in the unhappy customers from DiGi and Celcom, and doing so, prevents these customers to leave Maxis when it is their turn to swap. This would be a typical marketing move, but I'm hoping to see something much more different.
Another thing is, could it be possible that Maxis has already started to do the swap, at a slower rate so to ensure minimal interruptions to their network? If that is the case, then WOW, but I kinda doubt that.
Anyways, it would be great for us to see how the LTE swap affects all telcos.

Currently the standings:
DiGi is the first to make the swap, and could possibly the first to finish it.
Celcom is the second to make the swap. (more news on this @Celcom)
Maxis could be monitoring and planning what is the best move here.

Off track a little, while looking for images, I came across a rather funny pic, to me at least, to be able to spot my cousin in a random pic. No, not the guy.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Restart blogging?

This year has been full of ups and some downs for me. Just a little recap:

I had a great boss that was patient and caring, gives great life lesson which I am applying it to my work nowadays (I feel its better instead of coaching directly on our work skill). Our entire team had a great time together when he was around, he took us out for R&R and food trips every now and then, this greatly boosted our morale and tighten the bond and teamwork in the team. Of course there were stressful times, but I consider it as a good stress.

I finally picked up basketball in the first half of 2012, the end of the world almost came for me twice. Busted my knee and after MRI, founded that I have a partial torn tendon/ligament (can’t remember which), mild arthritis, bone bruising and internal swelling. This happen somewhere during mid year, and my second major knee injury just happened last week, Oct. So my current plan is to recover and build my knee, lose at least 10kg before I begin my game again.

Went on to several working trips, Ipoh, Johor, Kuching in April, Kota Kinabalu in May. My happy traveling days kinda ended here as this was also when my boss left us for a better future, good for him! Anyways, the next travelling was to Genting in August and Johor in Oct. When I first joined this job, I was really hoping that were more traveling involved, mainly for the claims and new place, sadly, I am suppose to handle stuffs from HQ with minimal to no traveling. How am I suppose to improve w/o being on the ground more???

1 happy and sad thing was that my contract status has changed, to better of course. Now I have better medical and dental coverage, but with it, my OT claims etc have since disappeared w/o salary increment.

I finally was able to hit the gym consistently, at least until my knee was injured. This contributed to about 3kg off in a month, which is a good/healthy progress for me. 

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