Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2012 marks the end for ..........

Some are strong believers of the 2012 doomsday, and they are bragging on the fact especially with the recent heatwave in Malaysia and natural disasters around the world.

But I am not here to tell you who is wrong and who is right, what I would like to share is basically a FACT!!

As the title suggest, 2012 is indeed the end, so don't get too comfortable, but don't be panic too, because something new can only come with the ending of something old or so to speak. Remember in 2007, where it mark the end of our RM50 note, well it also marked the beginning of our new RM50 notes seen everywhere nowadays. But why only the RM50 was changed back then? This is to celebrate the Malaysia's 50th Independence Day!

Seeing the number 50, somehow reminds me of Hawaii-5-O, but what actually hit me is this year's 5th May where Fast 5 was release.

Ok, back to our topic, I believe some of you might have known the fact, and most of you have already notice that through all these years, we have changed our banknote numerous times. The thing is, it is a usual practice that happens every 12 years. And 12 years ago I was in Primary 6 so I was mainly playing with coins and not banknote yet, but I do remember the brown RM20 banknote though, until now I still think its beautiful!!

Well, enough of reading here, I found a blog with more interesting visuals for you to view upon, so look for the link at the end of this post ya!

[Source: RM20 picMalaysian BanknoteNews - The Star]

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dog dragged from home and brutally shot dead in-front of owner's wife and son while on the way to school!

This news hit me with a little extra kick primarily because of a Black stray came to our house not too long ago. It is very obedient, well, he plays with my dad etc. Though the only thing about him is that he will chew on our shoes now (after he got used to us), and on occasion he will bring some carcass home (perhaps he was a stray for too long).

Another thing that made the news a little bit personal for me is that sometimes when I take the motorcycle to go for basketball, he will run along side of me until the busy junction before heading off elsewhere, just like how the black dog trailed its owner to school!

An extract of the news:

A landscape supervisor is upset and disappointed with the Central Johor Baru Municipal Council workers they shot his dog in the street and when the dog ran back into his house compound, the workers entered the compound, looped the injured animal and dragged it onto the road.
The MBJBT workers then shot the dog a second time and killed it.
Taman Johor Jaya resident Tan Sek Khang, 51, said when the MBJBT workers shot the dog a second time, they did it in front of his protesting wife and son.

The cruelty displayed to animals, I do understand that they are doing their jobs, but if no one is defending the poor thing, fine, but how can they shoot it infront of the kid when they are pleading that its theirs, and the fact that they dragged the already wounded dog from the owner's house is definitely unforgivable, shooting it dead infront of the family is just plain satanic!!

[Source: Pic1News - The Star]

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scream at your partner!!!

Well, as the title says, scream at your partner, but before you proceed to do that, just take a step back, and don't. Because the partner that I am mentioning is a different partner, its a partner that have been accompanying you more than any others these days. Well if you have some hard time figuring it out, it is your trusty cellphone! You used it to text your loved ones, call them take pictures of them, FB/twit them, IM them and the list goes on. It is by your side while you are asleep, and it wakes you up during the designated time. Some people even molest them unknowingly, notice how we always heard the fact that someone is able to snooze his/her phone for few hundreds of time before actually being really awake.

Ok, well, yelling at your current phone might do you no good, but what I am trying to say is that there might be a technology that is coming soon, which for some reason I highly doubt it, which is the ability to change sound energy into electrical energy. More people would be yelling into their phone if this were true, and the best thing is, loudspeaker, turn it on during a conference or just the music, and instant charge. Cool ain't it? But like all things 'coming soon', lets just hope that the 'soon' comes within 10 years time if not 100.

[Source: NewlaunchesDailymail]