Sunday, July 6, 2014

Climbing to new heights!

I've been missing out a lot of activity for the past few years, and I can finally say I'm ready to climb back to new heights! This time its a casual one to train back my lower body and stamina, we went hiking at Saga Hill or known as Bukit Saga which is located not far from 'Little Genting' and just a little further from Pandan Indah. 

We were suppose to hike Broga Hill for its scenery but it's located in Semenyih and was kinda far and taken into account it isn't suitable to linger after the sun rises, so we decided to head for Saga Hill. Though there are no scenery, but the hike was fairly safe with lots of good stair-like-steps unlike Broga, and I high recommend Saga Hill for beginners and girls. 

As you know girls and sun don't really mix unless its by the beach with a bikini on, in Saga Hill you can expect plenty of shades and its harder to bath in the sunlight then to find for cover. This place is also great for hikes in the afternoon, so that should give you a good idea of the shades around here. 

I didn't snap any pictures during this hike, but I will likely return and will snap more pics to share so you can have a clearer picture!