Monday, July 14, 2014

Saga Hill, aka Bukit Saga

Back to back hike to Saga, feeling great this time with less issue on my knee (I have ACL), and as part of my simple ACL treatment, I've opt to hike regularly as this will push lots of different movement and train the muscles around my knee, that and I sweat more which should equates into fat burn.

Back to the topic, I've forgotten to time the hike, but from the mid stop to the top, it takes about 15 minutes hike, I believe once I'm back in shape, it should take me about 5 minutes or so.

One of the reason why I like to hike at Bukit Saga Hill is that we can have a R&R session at the top and you can linger around way pass noon thanks to the thick forest and great shades.

I can't really recall the hills around Malaysia that I've hiked, but I just feel that Bukit Saga Hill is best for its shades and steps. As you can see in the pictures, the paths are pretty much well laid out for you and all you need is some balance and a little extra stamina. This is currently my favorite place to treat my ACL injury. Do you have better recommendations?

Aside from the pleasant hike you could get around here, there is also a part where you can have just a little bit more adventure. If you opt for a safer and slightly longer route, you can always skip this. Though I was at the back of these people before this part, I swiftly moved pass them using the longer route.